why so many allies camping?

Will you just let me quest in Valley of the Four Winds in peace? literally always fresh lvl 90 allies wearing Dread Waste greens
Bleh, what I did on my druid since my main is ally and I can't retaliate is get as far into 86 in jade forest and hope I can ding 87 quickly to move on to kul'lai.
If you're getting camped move to a different area or queue a dungeon. You made the choice to play on a PVP server, you're not going to get any sympathy posting on the forums.

Also, remember that you'll be able to camp them in 4 levels, so hang in there.
We could say the same to you. I was killed 30+ times yesterday while trying to quest "peacefully" at level 87, by level 90's on horde. I have no sympathy for you. Horde does the same to us. This is a PVP server. Get used to it or go elsewhere.
I'm not looking for sympathy, I just want to know why

like, what possesses these people? It's not even like you are farming mats and happen to see me and kill me, that's whatever

why, oh the humanity why
I was questing, minding my own business, killing mobs, and BAM! 3-4 horde are on me, and guess what? As soon as a get my body...they kill me again. What possesses these people to do things is a)Boredom, B) someone did it to them, or C) they just feel like being dicks.

All in all, it is still a PVP server. I was forced to sit in a city and queue for dungeons for xp until they got tired of camping. But...life goes on. Im 90 now...I'll leave you alone :)
I go counter gank all the time, I'm not the best pvper but on occasion I can wipe out a few allies at pangs. ;)
Don't worry cow bro I'll kill them for you
People in each faction always think the other faction camps too much. Just move to another area or wait until they leave.

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