<Progression> (4/6 heroic MSV) LF plate dps

<Progression> is recruiting for their second 10 man raid team. We are looking for a plate dps that can put out exceptional numbers with good raid awareness and attendance. Must have previous hardmode experience.

This group got started a month or so late, but is now 4/6 in Heroic MV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 TES and averaging about 2 new bosses per week. Raid time are Mon-Thurs 8-12pm. Apply at theprogressionguild.com or whisper Ebaytoon for more details.
We have a small preference for a Ret Pally, but any plate dps with exceptional skill would be welcome.
We are also have a very relaxed, chill raid environment.
Had some good pulls on heroic Blade Lord tonight, 9% wipe. Should have a kill tomorrow.

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