Recruiting Healers

So, I'm looking for some healers - healers capable of raiding and healing Heroics. One healer needs to be DPS/HEAL for the swing. Some fights are 2 heals.

We're spinning off a new guild with some of the people form Transcended's weekend raid and right now healing is a major issue that we need to handle before doing this.

If interested, hit me up in game (JS-Blackhand-US-Horde). Don't bother if you are a keyboard turner, have no mic for vent, like to waste people's time, don't research fights beforehand, can't commit.

Mon-Thu 7-10pm CST. (With the ability to push to 11pm when needed).

Currently 6/6 4/6 from raiding 6-8 hours a week. We want to step it up.

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