[BUG] Master of the Molten Flow: Sentinel

Bug Report
It currently seems to be impossible to complete Master of the Molten Flow, whenever you kill a sentinel while carrying a party member, you do not get credit for the achieve, ive done it personally several times now, and still no credit for either party member. Logging out/etc. does not fix the issue.
This achievement is also bugged for me. Tried numerous times in all sorts of different scenarios and nothing will get the achievement to register.
I tried submitting a ticket for it back before i posted this, but no luck as of yet. EDIT: they got back to me, problems forwarded to the QA team, and it is not just us.
Unable to solo with trinkets (commanders badge and timbermaw trinket).
Currently bugged will not register as completed. Confirmed
Did they fix this yet? or will they let us know when they fix it?
Its not yet been fixed
Ok I talked to a GM. they said the fix would come in the next big patch..... That patch will come in January... So everyone has to wait..... poop
So i just checked today and its still broken...... hopefully its fixed in 5.2
For the sake of absolute clarity, are the people having issues with this actually in a party at the time they're having trouble? More specifically, are they in a party and the Sentinel is actually carrying one of the other people at the time?

I would suspect that it was never intended that you could get this achievement using pets of any kind (trinkets, guardians, holiday items, etc), and I know from personal experience that it has never been possible to get it on your own (believe me - the timing for even trying that is a pain).
It has always worked with a pet or guardian before (I had a friend who got it with DK worms, but he was not trying, i cant imagine how hard that would be to do on purpose), no you cannot get in in a real party either at this time.
As of Tuesday June 22, 2013 this is still bugged! The part with the Flamewalker Sentinel.
[Master of the Molten Flow] is bugged! - I have submitted this as a Bug for more than a month !!!
Cannot complete the Flamewalker Sentinel portion.
I was in a party with a friend, Killed the sentinel right after it picked up my friend to be carried to the lava; killed it before the Sentinel actually reached the lava - WHILE it was carrying my friend.
And my friend actually did the same to me while the Sentinel was carrying me!!!
Neither one of us received that part of the Achievement ! ! !
Have also been trying this to no avail.
How can Blizzard let this go on for so long? You can't get the "Veteran of the Molten Front" meta because of it. It still is not fixed. This needs to get fixed.
still cant get master of molten flow as yet, regardless of party or as solo hunter. doesnt make any difference
still cant get master of molten flow as yet, regardless of party or as solo hunter. doesnt make any difference
same song and dance... no achieve :( tried with group member. it might be lowest priority with them right now.
Just tried it also...for an hour... wish I would have read this. Did it with a mage and her pet and my trinket...all got picked up, Sentinel killed...no ach...common blizz fix this in 5.2
I just did it...... it works... thank you Blizz
Accomplished achievement today using trinket ( Defender of Timbermaw) .
Confirmed as working.

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