lock LF weekend raiding guild

hi guys, so I'm looking for a weekend raiding guild that preferably raids on friday/saturday. I myself have 6/6 MV exp, 3/6 HoF and am looking to progress. I'm a 483 ilvl affliction lock and have tons of raiding experience from previous expansions. feel free to ask questions.

Culture Shock currently has 2 raid groups, the Alt group of which raids on Friday and Sunday night, and the progression group which is on Saturday and Sunday. We're 4/6 HoF and always looking for new guildies that would like to compete for a raid spot.

Find a Culture Shock officer in game, or get a hold of me here in the forums.
we are currently lf a lock that can raid fri-sun 5pm server we are only 4/6 MsV due to the fact we had a few inner raid member problems and we are looking to replace them
Hey Pocketdawts! Cröwn is a Friday/Saturday 7-10 raiding guild that has been together since wrath. We currently could use a lock for our core team. We are 6/6 msv 4/6 hof and 1/4 elite ToEs. I would love to talk to you in game more or apply on our site www.crownofhyjal.enjin.com Hope you see you later! ohh also you can in game massage me for more questions if you'd like.

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