<H> Pity 10m raid group is recruiting!

Currently 6/6 MV 2/6 HoF looking to progress into HM MV and full clears of HoF and ToES ASAP! Currently in need of one plate wearing tank (preferably with dps off spec) and one healer (non-shaman). Prefer at least 475 ilvl. We are also in need of a plate wearing dps at least temporarily, with the possibility of a permanent spot. Raid times are Tues-Thurs 5-8pm, occasionally an extra day if everyone can make it. Any exceptional player will be considered. Looking for people with positive attitudes and sense of humor!

Also recruiting all roles for our 2nd weekend raid group that is ready to start ASAP and all roles for our rbg group that will begin in about a month.

We are a friendly, social, and active guild and welcome any players. :-)

For any questions, contact Sugenight, Blessarella, Shadwell, or Mightmor in game or reply to thread.
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