Healing Priest LF Raid Guild

Holy priest looking for a raiding guild. I am willing to server transfer for the right guild. Was up to 4 boss kills in vault before attendence issues started to plauge my group. I am flexible, can play disc and shadow as well.

Alot of previous raid exp including heroic Madness kills.

What im looking for..

No more than 3 raids a week
I am on EST time, so raid runs ending no later than 12PM EST
Semi Hardcore to Hardcore, no leveling guilds, rp guilds.
Please leave details like your current progression, and contact information

Thanks for your time!
Coven is actually looking for a reliable holy/shadow priest to round out our 10m group. We raid Thursday and Friday 8pm-11pm server. We have a tight knit group 1 and are just looking to fill in a spot or two with reliable members. We are currently 4/6 and would be further if not for attendance issues. If you think you'd be interested in joining us, feel free to contact me or any other officers in game, my battletag is Derp#1174. Other contacts are Narisha, Ziazen, Standerd or Pups. Thank you and hope to see you in game!

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