How about putting PvP first! PvE is easy!

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12/04/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Ovenmitz
why start attacking PvE players? It just makes these posts look immature and reduces the chance that anyone will take them seriously to about 0.


you don't like PVE, we get it. but don't knock people who do enjoy it, it's still a big part of the game and it's not as easy as you think.
He/She isn't knocking people who enjoy it. I PvE also and well, how could you honestly say it isn't the same !@#$ over and over lol I agree with OP
First the VP of Blizz already said it's impossible so I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. Second, PvE would be very broken if PvP was put first. I don't think you understand how much redesign it would take to even remotely come to some sort of balance.

Lastly and most important, it's not worth alienating the entire PvE player base, who this game was originally designed for, in order to redesign the game from scratch on the chance that it is even possible. For what? To try and draw a few players away from Call of Duty? The risk vs. reward ratio is unimaginable high.
12/04/2012 11:59 AMPosted by Ovenmitz
he kind of is. not directly, but when you say an activity is "mindless and boring" you're insulting the people who enjoy it. this whole stupid superiority complex between PVErs and PVPers in this game is stupid, everyone needs to recognize that other aspects of the game exist other than the one you enjoy most.


PvP players are a fraction of the playerbase like it or not. So asking them to give it the priority will never happen.

If you think PvP has problems then why not just spend your time posting specifics and suggestions rather than threads like this that no blue will ever click on.
@Calissto: I'm not talking about specifics we are talking about PvP. As a whole! There is a problem in PvP. Why don't you go read the other threads if you want specifics. You want to argue about specifics. I'm saying lets focus on PvP as a whole. Yes that is a that means in general. Do you understand now?

@Faust: If I was wrong then. Then why are subscriptions are down? If I was wrong then why are MoP sells are down compared to Cata? If you where right then there would be no need for discussion. Also who talked about taking away from PvE? You are jumping to conclusions. You are putting words in my mouth. You are reading what you want to read. PvP does not matter then why are we all here in THE PVP FORUMS?

@PVE: PvE is just as broken as PvP. Look at all them forums complaining about PvE. There is more people complaining about PvE related issues than there is about PvP.

@Goonhah: That's just your opinion. There is no fact to back it up. You know why because Blizz has never done it.

Someone please tell me how PvE will be hurt if the put PvP first? We are not talking about doing away with dungeons, raids, or questing. We are talking about balancing out the class and specs of the characters of this game. That's it! PvP'ers are not looking to take away from the game but to add to it. We believe that skill not gear/class should triumph.
@Goonhah: One the PvP community is HUGE. There is more games focused on PvP than ever before. Halo, Madden, CoD, BF3, LoL, GW2, Rift. I could fill a whole forum of games that focus on PvP on all platforms. E-Sports is HUGE!!!!!! You can't be serious? BTW SEGA did make many shooter games. Also I didn't say just focus PvP. I did not say throw PvE to the sidelines, did I?
I am arguing that they should FOCUS on PvP first to get the balance of the classes and specs. I don't understand why that would hurt PvE. Because you know it won't. The fact is that you think that being PvE first is makes you wow favorites. My money is no different from yours.

It's mostly likely even if they did PvE would never know. You know why? How would you know if the classes are balanced if you never PvP. So you are getting upset over something that has nothing to do with you. You are getting upset of over something that you will not participate in. You are just getting upset for that PvE'rs should come first in the grand scheme of things. Why? You complain that the balance in PvE dps is to high for some classes. You complain that the healing on certain classes is to easy in PvE. You complain about everything that has to do with PvE. Because its not balanced!

Gaming industry is business with all business comes risk. They took the risk to make WoW? So what you can only risk whats ok with you?
12/04/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Lauracröft
@Calissto: I'm not talking about specifics we are talking about PvP. As a whole! There is a problem in PvP. Why don't you go read the other threads if you want specifics. You want to argue about specifics. I'm saying lets focus on PvP as a whole. Yes that is a that means in general. Do you understand now?

I get what your saying, I just don't understand why you bother saying it.

The title of your thread looks like troll bait, then you go on to say in a condescending tone how easy pve is and how classes do absolutely nothing except stand and cast damage or healing spells.

Then you wrap it up with no original suggestions except for telling Blizzard to put their main priority on a section of the game that is played by a very small fraction of the players. I love PvP as much as the next person here, but get real, they will never balance this game around PvP the way they do PvE. Understand now?
@Calissto: I did point out what they should do. Focus on balancing out PvP. Its not my job to develop the game. That's the job of the developers. I have submitted my suggestions using the suggestion system in game. My suggestions are suggestions. Still doesn't take away from the fact the game is unbalanced, which it is. PvE is not balanced either. Go read the forums under which I linked above. You are just coming in here to attack my idea. Of putting PvP balance focus first.

You have not came up with any ideas of your own. You just want to attack mine.
BTW headline are troll bait that's why they call them HEADLINES! It is to grab your attention to read the content. Also putting PvP first is pretty original in the fact. I do not see any other threads talking about putting PvP first! Attacking my ideas doe not make you right. All you are trying to do is to discredit me. And take away from what the thread is about.
@cupcake: Do not realize that you made a post in here. So I guess it did work, huh! Also I never said "They will never happen because PVP will never trump PVE in importance in WoW. " That's your statement.

Once again I'm saying the should focus on PvP to balance the classes and specs first. PvP does not need to trump PvE or vice versa. NPC's do not care who is top damage or healing in recount.

Also still waiting for a example why it would never work.
I see zero hardmode pve achievements during relevant content on your character. I wouldn't call something easy until you have conquered it.
It's more the fact that in an RPG different classes and specs are different. They arn't like the generic homogenized classes you see in things like call of duty. In order to be balanced, all CC, damage, interrupts and healing would have to be changed. All abilties would have to be homogenized across all classes to achieve true balance. Also all gear and stats would have to be homogenized to prevent scaling issues. And that would make a terribly boring RPG PvE game. Not to mention an incredible amount of work and it would be an entirely different game.
If all the classes are balance then where would the nerfs be?

12/04/2012 03:14 PMPosted by Ovenmitz
even though NPCs don't care how much damage you do, other players do and judge you when your dps drops, even if it wasn't your fault
@faust: No it doesn't. Gear is equally the same. The only difference is the classes. Skill should be the reason you take something down not gear. You shouldn't be able to stand in fire now because you have better gear. Gear scales with each new gear set anyways. Why would that change? I have not said anything about gear. Only classes if you want more survivability you damage output should go down and vice versa. You just get both because your a mage or a lock.

They all ready nerf classes and buff classes with every hotfix and patch. You are complaining about what they all ready do. Also you still don't have anything to compare it to. When PvE has always comes first to class building.

Players complain all the time about certain classes and specs doing to much damage in raids, or healing, or tanking. Certain classes have always been picked over others.
12/04/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Shamadelic
I KNOW. PvE requires the Dev team to focus on a ONE-sided aspect, and that would be the players. I don't think bosses would complain if warlocks were to be too OP. This !@#$ is so backwards
PvP is harder at times but in balance pve can be change to mach pvp nerfs not fully but if damage in pvp goes really low the hp of mobs and match that so the fight are not impossible.

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