How about putting PvP first! PvE is easy!

What difference does make to put PvE first? Killing a NPC is not hard. DPS only has to worry about their damage. Tanking only has to worry about their threat. Healers only have to worry about healing. Its a dungeon or a raid that does the same thing over and over again. BTW next week it will still be the same thing!

So WTF? You continuously make the same PvP mistakes over again. You can not do the same thing every time and expect a different outcome!!!!! There is way more mechanics that are involved into PvP'ing. So why don't you get off that high horse about PvE.

Here is some food for thought. How about focusing on this for PvP. Survivability, maneuverability, and damage output!

Everytime they make a change the first thing everybody does is try to find a way to exploit it in a now-advantageous comp. Im not saying they have done a spectacular job but when everyone complains about everyone else being op (while at the same time only trying to create the most op team you can) it just kinda seems hard to take seriously.

I understand that in a competitive environment, it ONLY makes sense to find what could be the most beneficial to you. Im just saying they we test their changes much more and much more diversely than they do so its understandable how some things are overlooked..

then again thats why we have a ptr so i dunno -______-
@Ovenmitz: Says who? Where is the proof that is not possible? Is that what talents are for? You could easily add more to the talent system. Where you have to pick between survivability or damage. Same thing with glyphs. It's the reason they have them in the first place. To customize your character to what is needed or you like playing.
If all the classes are balance then where would the nerfs be?

even though NPCs don't care how much damage you do, other players do and judge you when your dps drops, even if it wasn't your fault

Because in pve, control/CC is not part of the balancing process, only damage/survivability.
@Khamul: You must have never played during Burning Crusades. When you had to trap, sap, poly, banish, and hex mobs and adds.
12/04/2012 04:44 PMPosted by Lauracröft
@Khamul: You must have never played during Burning Crusades. When you had to trap, sap, poly, banish, and hex mobs and adds.

This isn't burning crusade, nobody gives a !@#$ about what happened "x" years ago. But it's still moot, because control and CC are not part of the PvE balancing process.
Because blizz makes all their !@#$ available to the %^-*ing casuals and not the !@#$ing good players of this game that play pvp cause they want money. gg
I really don't think PVP is the issue in the game. You can blame PVE if you want since it does somewhat cause many problems with high damage but that really isn't a core problem in the game. I only feel that Warrior and Mage damage is a concern right now but I think the reason most damage seems so outrageous is because of crowd control. It takes one Blood Fear to lose a game and it is literally unavoidable.

I always thought balancing PVP first then you would balance the PVE raid bosses towards the current PVP balance would make it fun for everyone. However, I think in the end most PVE players wouldn't feel like they progressed in power since if you balanced PVP exclusively and used PVE as the secondary you would have a relatively small increase in stats / power in PVE. I guess it comes down to raiders feeling more powerful with each new raiding tier.
No you said in PvE. You didn't say when. They have used that process before and very successful. Also why can't they be? Also CC'ing is still be used right now in dungeons. Which I'm sure for, you can remember a few months back. When you where under geared as with everyone else in your group. BTW a lot of players still do care what happened "x" years ago.

CC'ing should be more implemented more into the game. There is nothing wrong with it. It gives players more control over the game.
@SSerada: I do think you are right. However progress is measures through gear in PvE. That does not have to change. Bigger does not mean better. Gear should be shown off. You see what I have achieved, sort of attitude. It gives a sense of accomplishment. You have worked hard for this and you have this to show for it.

Balancing the classes evenly to make sure they are all the same footing. For there roll and class. There is no need for mages to be able to tank. You don't warrior casters. That's the point of having every class that can do everything. You can balance the game in way cloth is squishy so it gets a higher damage out put. While plate has more of a damage reduction. So give it less damage out put. They all give every class a armor value. But it does not mean a thing in the game unless you are a tank.

They all ready use the mechanics that they need to fix PvP. They just need to apply it to all classes. The game should be a challenge that' why it is a game.
12/04/2012 03:06 PMPosted by Lauracröft
PvP does not need to trump PvE or vice versa.

How about putting PvP first! PvE is easy


Soooo you either actually think the first remark in which you should've made a much more constructive post...

Orrrr you believe the title of your thread and think the game should be balanced around a small fraction of the active players, although that will never happen.

Nice Job!
Putting PvP first does not mean it has to trump PvE. Like I have said before put PvP first to balance the classes.
I had to stop and reread this. At first I chuckled to myself at the hunter who thought PvP mattered, anyone who has played this game for a duration of time knows that PvE will always have priority and that if you so much as THINK to yourself maybe PvP should get a little of the attention given to PvE, you're insane and will be told so by the mass of dragonslayers.

That being said, I very much so enjoy PvP and why can't it get a little more effort? Sure, there are more PvE players than PvP ones, but at the end of the day, we all pay the same $15 a month. MMO PvP is inherently flawed and always will be, but for some odd reason, I enjoy it while I find PvE pretty boring. The rare occasions when I do PvE, it's usually to achieve some epic vanity item or, in the case of Cata, Gurthalak. So I have to ask myself, WHY is it wrong that we should expect equal or at least, a fraction of the effort put into PvE to be put into PvP?

Blizzard can make a hell of a game, when they want to. Lately it just feels like they simply do not care about PvP.
12/04/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Aorris
PvE is pretty easy TBH. It's mostly just a gear game

So is PvP. The only difference is you can't download an /afk bot to get free epics in PvE.
@Legion: What you are talking about is players cheating. They should be banned! Another example why PvP should come first to balance the game out.
Blizz has alway implemented change. Look at the difference between MoP and Cata. Cata from WotLK and BC from Vanilla. They change the game all the time. PvE doesn't have to be disturbed. Most PvE'rs would never know. All through Cata player's complained about how certain classes had it so easy. Do you want easy or a challenge?

I started seeing a huge difference in the game when ICC came out. To many that's when they started putting the game in easy mode. At first ICC was a huge challenge and should have been. So they started doing that weekly nerf on the bosses. Then at the end of WotLK the pre xpac patch. The game became even easier all the classes got a nice little buff. Everyone here remembers cata. It was a joke! You had classes that had 2 spell rotation. If you macro you only had to hit 1 button!
[quote="71982882795"]I'm sure the amount of PVP'ers was higher in the previous season, I would guess around 10-20% played arena,

No way is that true. Not a chance. That is 1-2 million people playing arena. Not even close.

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