What Inspires You?

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I've been roleplaying for a long while, even outside of WoW. There are a lot of things that have contributed to how I build up my characters, and what their storylines turn out to be like.

For me, character and storyline inspirations are such a big part of how I eventually shape both. My personal inspirations would have to be:

1. Other Video Games
Video Games, since they're all I really do, are a big inspiration when I'm shaping together a storyline or character in-game. The Final Fantasy series, along with the Legacy of Kain series, among other randomly assorted video games and their characters, have aspects in them that I usually end up seeing in a lot of my characters.

2. Personal Feelings
With a few of my bigger characters, I look at them from afar and usually see a lot of a certain way I feel that's turned them into the character they are. I joked around with a friend once, saying that I'm not a human sitting at a keyboard IRL RP'ing a character, but rather I'm the characters themselves walking around in the world... of warcraft.

What inspires you?
Usually a couple of beers and the television set...NOT. Sorry but it had to be said. (Well maybe not.)

I find good books, movies set in the proper period, and my imagination inspires my creations.

I actually play around with the character until about 10th. level, kind of getting a feel for them, and what they want in life, and desire for themselves. Each is different, and by level 20, they have some resemblance of being someone I can get into, enjoy, and hopefully so will others as they meet them and get to know them.

(Either that, or I go back to the beer and TV...)
(Please don't flame me for my weak attempts at humor...my psyche is pretty fragile, and I'll go pout in a corner.)
I have always been a voracious reader. From the time I was very young, I even learned to read before entering school. Books have always been my inspiration. I like many kinds of genres, from basic fiction to animal stories and venturing into sci-fi and fantasy. I also like mystery and spy thrillers.

If I listed all the authors who have inspired me over the years it might take a LONG list. Suffice it to say, I like to let my imagination go a little crazy when I create my characters.

Sometimes my characters are ordinary people who are facing unreal events and trying to cope and stay sane. I also have fun throwing a bit of supernatural into the mix. Having a character haunted by memories of a past, and having those nightmares happen to them is fun to do.

My biggest fault in WOW is rapidly getting tired of a character and killing them off. Most of the time it is because of my own ambiguous feelings about the character. Sometimes, but not always it is because the people I was rping with in that characters story left the game or otherwise left my character behind.

This of course leaves me no choice but to try and reinvent characters I have already, or deleting them and starting fresh. Hense my horrible alt-itis.
Music inspires me. If I have a nugget of an idea that I think has potential but I don't know what to do with it, I go for a drive and play random songs from my Ipod. While I listen, I ponder over my idea. Some songs do nothing, and I can immediately tell they aren't good for this idea and I skip them. But when I hit on good songs I let them play and my ideas usually grow along with the strains of the music.

Disclaimer: Do not use this technique with pop music. It... won't work. Epic classical music, movie soundtracks, electronic (not dubstep), new age, and alternative work best for me.
Hey, Silv, that reminds me of a hilarious rp I did when I was first beginning. A friend and I had the same radio station playing in the background. Our characters reacted by going off whatever song was playing, sometimes using the title of the song, other times using the lyrics as inspiration.

It ended up being very funny and different.
I listen to a lot of power metal which gets me pumped up during a battleground
Books,old songs, folk tales, mythology, and of course, real life.
Books, movies, and other video games mostly. I try to tweak concepts that inspire me to suite my tastes but I'm also not afraid to try something new or "out there" (at least for me) every now and then.

Sometimes I'll inadvertently discover an RP concept I really like, other times I'll start to get into the concept and find out it isn't as interesting as I'd thought it would be...It's all about getting out there and experimenting.
Pretty much fantasy media in general for me. More specifically a combination of my own thoughts views and ambitions alongside my knowledge of the lore of various video games I've played and movies I've seen. There are some concepts I see somewhere that I'd like to try and other times there are things within this game that I hadn't previously thought of trying that I want to then give a go; playing a Forsaken, for example. Oh and some books, but hardly any as I perfer to write rather than read.
Books, movies, music, but mostly real people. Like Rysill here was inspired by my best friend.

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