Raiding with Leashes issues

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So I spent last week attempting to get all of the new pets in 5.1 added to old raids for the achievement Raiding with Leashes.

However, I ran into some issues, and was wondering if anybody had any tips for some of the encounters I've had issues with, or had run in to some of the same problems.

Here's the general rundown of my issues:

--- Razorgore: Still unable to solo as a rogue. I think my personal best was 1-2 eggs left when he prematurely detonated (HP hit 0 before phase 2). I find that I have no way of generating aggro to pull adds from Razorgore during MC. Is there a way to prematurely drop MC to thin out some of the adds, or a way for rogues to generate threat while MC'ing Razorgore? That's the only boss in BWL I have issues on and really don't want to have to pull in a guildie to help me each week until the pets all drop. (I also read somewhere that Razorgore was supposed to have his Destroy Egg cast tiem reduced to 1.5s in patch 5.1 but it is still a 3s channel. Did I just misunderstand and it was the CD on Destroy Egg that was reduced, or was the cast time supposed to be reduced and just wasn/t/is bugged on my end?)

--- Patchwerk: Unsoloable, as far as I can tell, for a rogue. I've managed to bypass him by Shadowstepping Grobbulus as soon as I enter Construct Quarter. However, if I wipe to Gluuth, that leaves me unable to get back to Gluuth because there is nothing for me to Shadowstep once I've burned Grob. Any suggestions for a rogue to allow me to clear him?

--- Maexxna: I wiped to her, and when I returned for a second crack at her, the entrance was still webbed, and I was unable to get the webbing to drop. Anybody else have issues with her webbing not dropping after a wipe? If so, what did you do to fix this issue? I tried logging, reloading, and leaving Naxx and reentering, but none of those worked.

All of the other bosses were cake walks, and I had no problems on my rogue. Those three are the only ones giving me issues.

To everyone else attempting this achievement: Best of Luck! Hopefully you will find yourself the proud owner of a Mr. Bigglesworth soon!
I've only done BWL since the patch, but I was able to solo Razorgore with ease; I didn't even come close to dying.

The key is to keep Recuperate up on your Rogue as much as possible. Every tick will draw aggro, keeping the adds off Razorgore. Those that remain wont't be too big of a threat. Put the Dragonkin to sleep and just keep running around killing eggs. When the control drops, kill as many adds around your Rogue as possible, get Recup going, and control Razorgore again.
I posted another thread earlier about some stuff I was having trouble soloing. I am not going for pets or achievements but I am just doing them as a challenge to myself. I have fun doing it and making a little gold is nice too.

We should work on a sticky for rogue soloing.

I have not tried Nax yet. What is the problem you are having with Patch? Is he hitting too hard? I wonder if it would make any sense to farm up a set of gear that was gemed, enchanted and reforged into dodge / parry to help mitigate some damage?

If you get a bug where you get locked out of a bosses room try resetting instances. Some trash might respawn up to the boss you left off at. I had a bug doing FL in uludar. I wiped trying to solo hard mode (stupid idea lol) and when I reentered I kept getting killed at the entrance camp. Literally I would zone in and fall over dead. I had to reset the instance to fix it.
With Patch, he hits way too hard to keep up with his damage thanks to Hateful Strike. I tried speccing into Cheat Death instead of Leeching Poison and it didn't help. I was able to bypass him today and get Gluth down by just not killing Grobbulus. If you move away quickly enough after stealthed shadowstepping him, he won't aggro (at least at level 90).

Haven't been able to get back to Maexna today, but I did try to reset all instances last night, unfortunately I had already cleared several bosses in Plague and Military Quarter before attempting her, so it did me no good trying to reset as nothing happened.

I'll have to try Razorgore again tonight or tomorrow, but I read that Recup doesn't generate healing threat, and from my experience, even if it did generate healing threat, it wasn't enough to draw aggro from Razorgore. Here's to hoping that I can get him down solo without having to keep pulling in a guildie to help me with Razorgore each week until I have all of the pets in BWL.

AQ40, though, that's an utter cake walk. The only part even remotely difficult in AQ40 at level 90 is Viscidus, and that's only trying to get in enough strikes to shatter him once he's frozen.

Though, in order to get the Tier gear, I'm going to end up having to pull in a friend for Veklor, as Vek'nilash is cake, but brute forcing my way through the heals means that Veklor despawned after Vek'nilash was downed, so I'm not getting a chance at Veklor's Diadem >_<
Also, as an aside, I do enjoy the solo'ing challenge of older raids, I just happen to be after the pets as well, and so I can't just skip those bosses when they give me difficulties. :-P
Vek'lor only despawns if he's not hit. Open on him and then immediately Sprint to Vek'nilash. This worked for me without any problems last week.

For Patchwerk, try using Combat Readiness and Prep. Use Evasion, when that runs out, CR, when that runs out, Prep and use Evasion again. Use Leeching Poison and Shiv on cooldown if you're not at full health.
If patch is hitting you too hard, try speccing into Elusiveness and training him with shuriken tosses and BoS, I've heard this works decently from a rogue in my guild.

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