[H] LF melee DPS for weeknd challenge grp

Horde. Want to get a dungeon challenge mode group going for either Saturdays and or Sundays during the afternoon, maybe 2pm PST, for around 2 hours or so. I've already done a few on bronze, looking to get em all silver and hopefully a few or ALL gold
And I'm willing to supply invis pots. Got 4 other people "signed up" right now. Just want 1 melee dps to complete the group, some of us are cross realm. Goal is to get everyone familiar with all the content, then start fine tuning our strategy to hit golds.

I'm a capable player. Raiding well into HoF right now. So what I expect from others and of myself:
-Capable and also play with a degree of seriousness to actually make progress. You use best enchants, gems, living steel belt socket, etc. You're willing to flask and pot as we step into silvers.
-At the same time not being an elitest jerk and actually like to have fun too
-And MOST important of all show up when you agree to and do so on time

Talk to me in game if interested: DeadraHelix#1993

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