DoD Late Night Raiding Recruitment!

Disciples Of Disorder Of Kel'thuzad
--------What we’re recruiting--------
Holy Paladin—High demand
Feral Druid—High demand
Mistweaver Monk—High demand
Combat/Assassination Rogue—High demand
Fury/Arms Warrior—High demand
Frost/Arcane Mage—High demand

**If you think you have what it takes, but your class is not listed, fill out an application. We value our raiders and if your application is outstanding, your application will be highly considered. **

About Us:
We were founded on Dec 20th 2011 with one goal in mind... progression raiding. Over the past few months we have been putting our efforts on the field and into the backstage of DoD to prepare our members and staff for the upcoming expansion.
We Label ourselves as a semi hardcore progression team. The goal is to keep a good balance of casual time and serious raiding time. We pride ourselves in making an atmosphere where having fun but keeping a good mind set goes hand in hand.

Our Progression Milestone:
We are 10/16N and 1/16H
Raiding Schedule
Tuesday: 11:00PM- 2:00 AM ST
Wednesday: 11:00PM - 2:00 AM ST
Thursday: 11:00PM- 2:00 AM ST
and Sunday (optional progression day): 11:00PM- 2:00 AM ST

Loot Rules: Counsel/ DKP system
Loot Hogging is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

What You Can Expect From Us:
Progression in A timely manner
Experienced Raid Leader(s) With Knowledge of each encounter with knowledge of all Healing, Tanking and DPS aspects.
A Perfect Atmosphere

What We Expect From You:
Before applying we expect you to share the same passion as us. We are only looking for those who give it their all and who produce the best. If you have never raided on a small scale like this... this is what expected

1) You are expected to improve your game play to keep up with our pace. We want to execute the fights in a few short hours.

2) Time is of the essence, we strive to squeeze every last second of our raiding hours in combat so slow corpse runs & generic slacking is not a viable option for our raiders. Not coming prepared with Food/Potions/Flasks can hinder our progression and could be an automatic removal from the core.

3) We have a discussion forum strictly for strategies and what to prepare for and how to prepare for it. This allows us to put a few more hours into raiding without having to be on the battlefield. Preparation is always necessary.

4) There will be times including new tier content where other guilds will gain a head start on a lengthier schedule. This is normal for a light schedule. We are not going for server 1st kills but we are going for a full clear heroic kills as quickly as possible so we can farm content. If this is not okay with you then do not apply
One of the keys to our success is a small raiding roster. That is why we require our members to be able to maintain as close as possible to 100% attendance.
We are currently looking for players who have the same experience or more to help us progress through this tier. We are looking to improve our roster so we can gain our realm rank to the way it was and openly compete with guilds with the same potential.

If you feel this screams out to you feel free to apply on our home page :)
All positions are still available.
Solidifying Our Group this tier =) Need more dedicated raiders
disciples of dedication? :D
Last nights Garalon kill was quite the success! All positions are still available for recruitment.
12/08/2012 02:51 AMPosted by Duerdoth
Last nights Garalon kill was quite the success! All positions are still available for recruitment.

Executed perfectly :) Back to the top we go! Solidfying our group for a stronger better faster experience! Need all classes listed above
12/04/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Duerdoth
We were founded on Dec 20th 2011 with one goal in mind.

Our birthday is on the 20th! Come celebrate it with us! I will supply a date within the next few days! 24 Hour block party
Overall Great night last night

Heroic Feng will be going tonight :)

Come fill out an application :)
All positions are currently available for trials. Come join us today!
Nick when you going to call me master man.. Its been a while
Not gonna happen man >.>

Never has, never will.
Always looking for dedicated members who want to be in a steady reliable guild
Bump it up.
Bumping for DoD. Jaz needs friends!

Do I get a cookie now? :3
Join quick before Skillvex has an aneurysm from reading too many mage forums
Tis true and Yes you will get a cookie tonight from lancome!

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