Divine Vigilance is BACK!

HI EVERYBODY! That's right, you read the headlines correct, DV is back and rebuilding!
Some of the core Sargeras people you may remember from long ago are Shennin, Jesterrace, Beanish, Grimdal, Dreaming, Frak, Tokrah, and more are here and ready to raid! :) Come say hi to us in game, or here on the thread; we've missed you Sargeras!

To summarize, we reformed about 3 weeks ago and have been busy getting things up and running. We have started a small 10 man but are quickly building up a larger roster to get back to what we were always good at; 25 man hard-core raiding!
Some of us have stayed on Sargeras, some of us have taken a hiatus away from the game, while others have moved onto larger guilds like Void or Months Behind. But in the end, your grinning, pimply rage faces has always made us come back. Wish us luck on our endeavor back to the respected and loved position we had years ago.

Heres a little info about our reforming guild:
Raid times: Tue/Thur/Sun, PST 5:45PM invites and raid to 10PM.
Raid Type: We are a semi-hardcore 10man raid, looking to move into 25s.
Progression: 4/6 Mogushan Vaults
Loot System: Council + Wishlist twist.
Optionals: Alt raids & achievement runs are always on off nights, especially Wednesdays and weekends.
Website: www.divinevigilance.com

And of course, recruitment!
Divine Vigilance is a “day one” guild, but has recently been revived after 2 years absence of the raiding scene(hence the low progression). Right now we are looking for skilled players to step into our core raiding spots. We are a semi-hardcore raid on a 3 day schedule. Right now we have a solid 10 man roster, but our hearts lie in 25 man raiding progression. Our current focus is to build a strong 25 man and to get back to our rankings years ago, being one of the most respected and accomplished guilds on the server and beyond. Divine Vigilance is run by and filled with experienced, veteran players who have a few world firsts, numerous top 50 kills combined, and have played in numerous famous guilds from Void to Seriously Casual.

If you have questions concerning recruitment, please talk to Shennin, Halo, Jesterrace, Frakattack or Kamatayann in game.

We will be doing a lot of nerd point stuff on Wednesday evenings around 7:30 server.
Transmog runs, Achievement raids, challenge modes, pugs, LFR; you name it, we will probably do it on Wednesdays nights.
There are no scheduled raids set up right now for mogging or cheesements. We will most likely do what people need for now and I will update as things progress and change.

If you are interested in any of these things, look for our spam in Trade around the time/day listed above or whisper one of us directly.

As always, spots are limited, no guaranteed loot, ect, ect. We are just having fun and getting our nerd on. So we hope you join us!

Thanks for having us back Sargeras! Best of luck to everyone in the new expansion!
Welcome back DV
Nooooo way I loved being in DV with Shen and Jester!!! <3

Awesome news ;)
I support this.
I support Frak and Beanish.

But not Kursed.
I <3 Divine Vigilance. Raided with them back during Burning Crusade when I still had a high pitched voice.

#Czarnick #1 Mana Battery for DV.
I also do not support Kursed.
Dekutree Carried me once.
Raided with them back during Burning Crusade but I still have a high pitched voice

fixed that for ya
cool wb guys :)
Thanks Wisconsinz.
Without DV this thread would not be possible.
11/20/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Czarnick
Thanks Wisconsinz

any time bud
Seen a few of you guys around the last few weeks and was wondering what was up.

Welcome back. Definately a nice addition.
oh my!
This almost turned into a thread about me and my alt.......almost.
Bring some of my favorite people back with you please.
Yo, Czarnick!

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