Divine Vigilance is BACK!


Czarnick raid to this, it should help!

Way ahead of ya.

Welcome back
Welcome back guys!
Tol noobs
11/30/2012 07:00 PMPosted by Kalorea
Are you recruiting hunters?

I could just answer your question right now and it would be quicker than all of this stuff I'm typing right now but to help increase the activity of Divine Vigilance's new website, I will leave you with the link where you could find the answer to your question.

Since servers are down, bump.
welcome back DV :)
I remember you Halo
Welcome back. Haven't heard about you guys in awhile! Good luck on rebuilding!
And bump again since servers are down.
Bump for Czarnick.
@Halo & Grim, ಠ_ಠ
12/06/2012 03:25 AMPosted by Thorin
Bump for Czarnick.

Long time no see.

Bump because Halo told me too.
Yea I heard from a guildie that you missed stalking me on the forums. With our roster being pretty stable we haven't had to do much in the way of recruiting so I haven't been on the forums as much. Thought I'd stop by and say hi.
12/07/2012 12:54 AMPosted by Thorin
missed stalking me on the forums.

Those were my exact words!
I hear this bump gives me +50 dkp

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