[H] Highborne - 7/16 LF Warrior/Pally tank

Area 52
Highborne is now recruiting for a new progressive raid group. The group is currently operating as a 10 man. The group is 6/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF.

The guild also offers a less serious 25 man run.

Raid nights: Tues/Wed/Sun
Raid times: 8:30 - 11:30 Invites at 8:15

What we need:

1 Prot Warrior

-1 Fury Warrior (w/ tanking OS)
-1 Rogue
-1 Frost DK

-1 Mage

-1 Holy Pally

We will also accept applications from exceptional players. Our raid spots are competitive.

What we expect:
-Near 100% attendance
-Come prepared (Flasks, food, pots, etc.)
-Good attitude
-Strive for excellence
-Research the encounters before raid time
-Willingness to wipe and learn the fights
-470+ ilvl

What to expect from us:
-Organized raid
-A push to be better
-Strict enforcement of raid and guild rules
-Competitive raid spots

If you are interesting in raiding with us or for more information, contact Azariel, Taichichaun, Brokensword, Katiara, or any officer. You may also submit an application at http://highborne52.guildlaunch.com.
All positions still available.
Have some new recruits, but spots still available.
Hey if u wanna get a hold of myself or Legoship im pretty sure we can talk something out we are with a group of 5 pally tank holy pally warlock a hunter and myself with be able to play a resto sham or resto druid
If in need of a fury warr still pst or mail me ingame
Pally Tank really needed.

*Edit: I suppose reading the entire post would be helpful. I am apping on the website now.
Still looking for a Prot Paladin, with viable dps offspec.
Bump for a tank
Updated for needs.
Updated for needs and progression.
Needing Prot Warrior again

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