High world ping and low home ping

Technical Support
So since around 3:30ish today wow has practically became unplayable. I have no problems talking and all that just as soon as i start doing anything constructive on here i lag out. is there anything i can do to fix this issue??
im getting the same issue , the world ping is same as home at 228 then the next min, and is at 3k-4k then back too normal , Ive been started getting it about the same time, even the wow website is slow , every thing else works fine web browsers and stuff but wow and anything to do with wow is stuffed
yeah my ISP is bigpond.
Seems to be a Bigpond problem. Having the same issue
So i called Bigpond about a similar problem yesterday and he said from his end it all looks good, and blames the fact that more people around me have started using wireless networks which are giving me signal corruption. Yea right, need more people to call and complain about this seeing as they dont think there is a problem.

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