Alt looking for a solid raid

Disc or holy priest looking for a raid that clear the 2 or almost the 2 first raid.Would love to also clear terrace or at least try to clear it. I know all the fight in normal and most of heroic if you do some heroics. I can only raid on this toon thursday friday and maybe saturday but i usually go out.

Pst in game or post here.

loriginale aka shaofanger.

now 4/6 heroic

would love to raid on my priest. dont be shy and ask me if you need a pug healer. i just wanna raid. the worst that can happen is me saying no in a respectful manner. i wont bite or insult or judge, im not that way. i see many guilds looking for a healer and its what im good at in this game, dont pug, ask ME instead. post here or pst in game.

unless you are from fairytail. dont even bother ask me if you are from that guild.

-edit- my raid days on main might change soon, so i maybe avaible on different days in the future.
I can raid wed-thur-friday this week on my priest as holy/disc. I know disc is better for most fight at the moment but i prefer holy. ilvl489.
Not looking anymore, you missed your chance to get an epic priest.

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