<It Takes a Pillage> (4/6) Recruiting Healer

Earthen Ring
<It Takes a Pillage> is a 10-man Raid Team in the Alea Iacta Est - Pondera guild. We are currently 4/6 in MV and are down a healer. We run Tuesday/Thursdays from 7:45 to 11pm Server. We are actively looking for a Druid / Pally / Monk healer to fill out the team. PST to Tums in game if you're interested or respond to this thread.
Bump for great justice.
(also, Tums likes it when I "bump" him)

p.s.: Seriously, tho. We're still looking for a healer. If you think you've got what it takes, don't delay: contact today!

p.p.s.: We're 5/6 now.
p.p.p.s we're 7/16 now

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