485 WW Monk LF Core raiding position

Hi All,

I am a 485 WW monk with 6/6MSV, 2/6HoF normal progression. I am currently looking for a 10/25 man guild of similar progression that raids 3 nights a week between 7-12pm Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon on either horde or alliance. I have been playing WoW since Jan 2005, and have notched up some realm first achi's etc as well as cleared most content while current.

I have quite a few dps rankings for my class/spec in normals and I am able to provide logs.

I would preferably like to find a MATURE guild with no drama. If you think you might have a spot available, please contact me here with a website to app, or ingame for a chat or mail.


Good player, can vouch for him.

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