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Alliance - Kel'Thuzad (US)

About Euphoric:

Euphoric is a team of active, experienced, and skilled WoW players who raid on a 2 day schedule. Our members have played in premier guilds since Vanilla, and have been core members in top US guilds (US 26th through Ulduar-ICC).

Most of us took off raiding in cata, and a few quit, but we are looking to re start our roster and start pushing progression.

Our members are mature, working professionals and we raid efficiently with a hardcore perspective. Teamwork, communication and theorycrafting are our primary advantages.

If you are interested in raiding with an experienced, team-oriented group, please contact us!

We are recruiting for our teams:

- Experienced ranged DPS (Warlock, Mage, Boomkin, or Hunter)
- Exceptional Healers

We strive to progress on a 2 night Weekend schedule

Loot System:
Loot Council

Raid Schedule:

We are interested in players who are:

- Mature, Team Oriented, and Reliable
- Hardcore play style
- Knowledgeable about their class and have an extensive raid background
(Starting at Vanilla is a plus)
- Always research fights and theorycrafters
- Fast reflexes and good situational awareness

Please contact us with questions or to jon

Contact on KT, Infectionx, Nezro, Emeree

Thank you!
Still looking for a few more good ppl.
bump, still need 1 healer and some good dps.

preferably a healing monk, or holy pally for healer.

We're pretty open on DPS classes, must be able to do at least 60k+ single target and know your class well.

470ilvl + plz.

Contact Nezro / Dominayez, Infectionx, or Emèree.

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