[A] <Royal Militia> is recruiting! (7/16H)

Bleeding Hollow
Brief History: <Royal Militia> is the oldest active raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow. Our guild was founded on launch day and has progression raided every instance since Molten Core without exception and downed nearly every boss when current.

Our current group consists of many players from the Vanilla days as well as players we have picked up over various expansions. Most of us are mature players who have other commitments which prevent 24/7 WoW, so the goal is to maximize the progression we can achieve in the time we have available.

Class Needs: One rogue/hunter and one tank with a functional offspec (either DPS or healing) for immediate openings in our core group. These are not backup spots. We are also looking for one part-time/backup DPS position with flexibility on the class/spec.

Raid Times: During progression, RM raids 3 days a week from 8pm to midnight EST. We raid 3 days of (Tues, Thurs, Sun, Mon), whichever works best for the group on a given week. During holidays and farm content, we typically raid fewer days.

Current Progression: RM is currently 16/16N and 7/16H.

Loot System: Being a 10 man, we do not use a rigorous DKP system. Most loot is handled via /roll. We're all mature enough to look at who needs upgrades and make sure that the loot is used most effectively.

Alt Raids: RM is home to one of the server's best alt raids! We were 8/8H DS in the alt raid around 20% nerf and sold mounts out of it regularly. We use this raid for fun, gearing rerolls for the main raid, and for trialing recruits to the main raid. If you are an alt-o-holic, you will love this run!

Perks: We provide repairs, feasts, Vent, and an active forum which is used for raid scheduling, strategy discussions, and random topics.

How to Apply: visit our website at royalmilitia.taggedup.com and apply in the recruitment forum.

Contact: Any questions? Talk to me in-game at Minimerlinx on US-Bleeding Hollow or add my battletag (Mini#1532) or contact Kerrena (Sacredknight#1804).
I would like to apply to your PVP division.
WTB pally tank "cough" hack" >.> you know who you are.
11/26/2012 01:40 PMPosted by Ida
I would like to apply to your PVP division.

still looking
still looking
Still looking for pro bros.
Come play with us!
bump for roywel mawishia
still looking
Got any openings for an spriest?
Bump for more dudes/ladys.

Also got H-Bladelord last night, special thanks to Joshee for coming to the rescue when Niq emo'd out on us :[
That was just my special way of getting out of raiding, i wasnt emo at all tbh :S
Additional bumpage.
dat bump
bump in the night
Stop reading these replies and go apply!
Updated to include possibility of filling our rogue spot with a hunter. Come apply!

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