iL 479 Hunter LF Progression Raiding Guild

Area 52
I am looking for a semi / casual progression raiding guild for this alt of mine preferably min 4/6 MSV with progression on Elegon. Also a fun loving friendly guild which is sociable too.
I currently have 6/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF kills on my other toon, Lunarine.

Available raiding times:
Evenings - Tues , Thur , Fri
Morning - Depending on the raid times and days

[What will I be providing to the guild]

1. 100% Raid attendance
2. Knowledge of EVERY fight and mechanic attempting the boss.
3. Consistent performance with mature attitude.
4. And everything else you're expecting from a raider.

I starting playing during late Ulduar times during WotLK and have done every raid in WotLK with achievements such as The Undying, Tribute to Insanity (10) and 11/12 HM progression during ICC.
I moved from Elune during ICC times with my guild and I took a break from the game in early Cata before coming back late Dragon Soul.
I wouldn't say myself as an elitist but a sociable and friendly player who can pull my own weight.

If anyone is interested, you can mail / whisper me or add me Lunarine#1284 in battlenet.
Elune is my old server. What guild were you in?
I came with Catalyst a short time after Delicious Cake transferred.
Hey man, my guild is looking for a hunter right now. Were 4/6 as a guild but most of the group is already 6/6 including myself. This weekend were gonna get 6/6 and make progression into heart of fear. We'd love to have you. We raid Sat/Sun 9am server to 12/1pm server. Everything is supplied. However, this week were gonna start at 2pm due to some complications with members not being able to make it in the morning. Message me : or wisp Muzcrusader.
Hey, I raided with you last week haha. I'll try to contact you asap so we can discuss this further.
Bump. Still looking for a right guild!

Vindication is a level 25 guild, we're currently 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF, currently doing 10m's but looking to expand to 25s. We need more competent DPS/Heals much like your self. We have an active community, and usually always have people on doing something.

Our raid times:
Wed 8-12st
Mon 8-12st
Sun 8-12st

If you'd like to talk to me about possibly joining get a hold of me either on here or

Real ID: guckin#1795
Bump, I'm still looking for a raiding guild that matches my schedule!
Why on earth would you socket pure crit gems..................
Was doing testings for dps by using different gems, will be changing back when I'm raiding
That would sound logical if it made sense to gem for a dps loss but it doesn't. Stick to agi and prospective guilds will think you have a fundamental understanding of the class you play.

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