Crit or Mastery Destro Lock PVP

Go mastery.
Lot of people says crit. Go Mastery. Does saying crit in pvp based their argument with PvE sim. Don't forget mastery also multiply with crit. Since as destro you get extra crit from Dark Soul (which is your only burst CD), you better stack mastery so it multiply it instead of simply add to it.
I personally suggest crit for large PvP groups (RBGs and such) and mastery for most other cases, more crits means more burning embers and getting ember taps, fire and brimstones and chaos bolts faster with a slight lost of DPS on your nuke and executes.
Mastery gives an overall buff to all your spells.
But with the changes to Conflagrate and Rain of fire generating Burning Embers, crit's importance is going to fall behind dramatically
How much mastery is ideal? I'm at 52.19%. Should I start getting crit now or just stack mastery?

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