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I enjoy playing wow alot. I would like to do good in pvp and or lfr, but most of all raids. Right now i get 5-10 fps when in a fight with something weather its sha, pvp, or lfr. When i stand in a city i get 18 fps.

Basicaly i'd like help with a cheap pc build for getting 50-60 fps while fighting a raid,pvp,sha. So i can utilize my characters properly. Your information will be greatly helpful. :D
What's your budget, and what is your current system? Asking to know if you can re-use any parts.
I am useing a dell xps 410.


maybe less then one thousand, maybe a little more.
You can salvage DVD and hard drive. That's about it.

Time to do a new build -- why not take a look at my PC build guide + Black Friday deals thread? ;)

i want try and keep it with newegg, if thats possable?

My old hard drive is no longer in the machine. i swapped it out with the external hard dive i used as a Mybook?

The original hard drive was makeing some strange sounds lol.
Going entirely with NewEgg won't get you best deals right now. You want to use pcpartpicker.com

You have to put in bit more effort since you have to buy from multiple shops, but that saves you money.
I honestly just want a machine that will give me good fps. just for world of warcraft. the cheaper the better :D
i guess under 700$'s i guess

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