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The very first games that I remember playing were Final Fantasy VII and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

To this day, both the compilation of Final Fantasy VII and the Legacy of Kain series hold special places in my mind/heart/soul.

I remember how amazed I was in Final Fantasy VII, escaping Midgar and going after Sephiroth. I actually ended up stuck for a while in Cosmo Canyon, because I couldn't figure out how to beat the GI Natak boss they had, there. But it was the kind of game that you could really get into, story-line wise.

In Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, it was simply incredibly made. The voice acting was superb, along with the gameplay. Looking back at it now, the graphics were crap compared to games today, but it had such an amazing story-line. I remember being so enthralled by Raziel and Kain's voices that to this day, I've nailed how to do their accents.

Was your first game, or games?
Super Mario Bros. With duck hunt.
Only survived about 3 levels and died hopelessly lol
The legend of Zelda... Didn't live very long in that game either lol.
Gauntlet II did pretty good there. But my brother would get mad that I ate all the food often.
"Red Wizard is about to die! 'DER DERR'"
Ah.... Classics xD
There's a video of me playing up to the third level of sonic 2 when I was two years old, that's my first time picking up a controller according to my mom
zoo tycoon, the sims, warcraft 1 & 2, and starcraft 1 &2 and diablo 1&2
An Atari 2600 with ~50 games. Sadly I enjoyed E.T. but I was like 4 years old when I played it. Raiders of the Lost Ark was my favorite game on the system.
The original super mario with duck hunt, some indiana Jones game on PC are the first ones I can really remember. Didn't get to start playing zelda until a link to the past which was great.

Ff7 and legacy of kain are both great games to start out with.
Mine was the original super mario brothers and duck hunt cartridge for the NES. I played when I was like 5 years old with my dad. I remember I knew I had to jump over the goombas, but then I fell into the first pit and died.

My dad also got zelda 2 adventures of link, and operation wolf. Those 3 games were the first games I ever played.
Master of Orion, oh yeah :)

Friends of mine had the console back in the day, and it bored me to tears. Heh.

First real computer games were on the Mac (an SE) and were things like Harpoon, The Black Knight, Autoduel...stuff like that.

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