the new lose control UI..

It's to remind you all mage cc reigns supreme.

But yeah you can shut it off.

Obviously has no idea what the core of this forum post is about. YES you can toggle off loss of control alerts in interface, the issue is the Action Bars acting like I've been kicked and turn red when I sit in any CC. This, u cannot turn off. Getting Bartender fixed it for me, haven't needed ANY addons in forever now forced to use one to get rid of this monstrosity
Guys, calm down. There is a fix coming!

in 5.2
1st time i joined arena w/o knowing anything about it, couldnt see a single thing, then i turned it off, still cant see any of my bars... was this implemented for retards? I mean how hard was it to tell that you were cc'ed before, its not hard blizzard, its not the problem, and its not the way of fixing it... it was fine the way it was, stop making pointless UI changes every damn patch....
Did a BG today, I don't think I saw my bars during the entire warsong gultch.
11/27/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Babypuke
rather than just sitting around with my dong out

That's how i play anyway
This is dumb
All these people, with the Christmas spirit I have in me, should be fire. To be honest, if you have a little dignity return your salaries because you're doing a loudsy job.
I'm passing your feedback regarding the loss of control UI on to the devs, with a special emphasis on the action bar 'blackout' and screen flash.

That said, there's no call for insults or other behavior that violates the forum code of conduct, and they will not be tolerated. It's entirely possible to express your concerns in a constructive and civil manner.

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