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im getting this error when i try to login, anybody know what it is?
Same problem.
Same issue, cept it dc's me completely after I login, then I have to restart my whole computer in order to get my internet back up and working.
same i just got battleneterror#2
Something on our end was causing this error to show up for some people. However, the issue should now be resolved.

Let me know if you are still running into this error.
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I am still having this error.
I am also having this error, have been for a few days.
Yep still running same error dont matter what I do 32bit 64 bit dns cache no virus programs at all nothing works cant lv. Just started playing again to after a few years think this is telling me something lol
I just started having this error tonight. Could log on for a few seconds at first, then booted. Then I couldn't log in at all and started having the battle net #2 error

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I'm having the issue as well still.
Ya been almost a week here too.
Having this problem as well!
Having this problem as well keeps saying it can't find the DNS server I've tried everything and no results.
Guess ill put my post in this thread(Amarexqt) I did those steps also the resetting all the stuff the router and so on and nothing has worked I can view some websites still but others won't load I can't connect to WoW or mumble.
I changed my preferred DNS to which allows me to view some webpages but I'm unable to connect to anything else.
What happens when you try to connect to this url:
It says test successful

00 Test successful.

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