Can you revert the Will nerf you guys put in?

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unneeded LFR "nerfs" make Heroic raids much harder on enrages, good job.

don't fix what's not broken.
our tanks missed out on maybe 7-10mil apiece and melee was only able to get 1 opportunity strike, pretty solid change to make without being in the patch notes. then again, half the changes in the patch arent even in the notes so can you really be suprised
This doesn't even make it any easier, you still have the same time to dodge once you see the arc
Managed to kill it but for a guild just trying this boss it could be rough.

Over 11 minutes our tanks managed 7 strikes instead of nearly 20 or so in previous weeks. Plus our melee not getting any as opposed to 3-4 each.
The delay is caused by them running towards the tank between strikes; so after a move goes off, the tank should step into the boss. This cuts down the delay and should prevent missing out on stacks.

I assume it's unintended or a side-effect of trying to fix the rare phantom swings they would do.

Well if guilds are getting first kills on it then it must not be THAT bad, probably just have to adjust to the change it sounds like =(

who knows if it's intentional or not at this point lol
Experienced this problem today on 10 heroic. We chalked it up to patch day bugs because people were experiencing ability lag as well. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, because it's a major hit to boss DPS on a fight with a relevant enrage timer.
I ran into this today too (LFR) - it seemed to be fine if I was just barely staying out of the hit area of the abilities but otherwise I would lose stacks, and end the dance with only 2 or 3 stacks even if I was never hit :(
I noticed this too in LFR today. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
My guild has only killed it twice on normal and both attempts were close. I don't want to see us wiping for an hour with 5% wipes because of this when we go back tomorrow.
Encountered this exact problem in lfr. Hoping it gets fixed before we work on heroic later this week.
huh this is why I wasnt getting many opp strikes yesterday I couldnt figure it out.
Its broken on heroic. However, we killed it one shot last night. Just was slower due to the tanks not being able to do as much dps. Really retarded change if you ask me.
Saw this issue in 10N last night. We had a lot of missed Opportunistic Strikes because stacks were falling off. It got to the point that we were actually watching the stacks dropping as we were dodging the swings...

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