Way Too Much Hand Holding Crap in 5.1

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Complains about hand holding.
Uses add-ons.

Well done OP.
People made addons that did this stuff. Now you need to rely less on third party addons.

Get over it people.
Yeah Blizzard! Remove the add-on effects from your game so I can go back to using my add-ons! [sarcasm!]

Seriously, some people complain about anything and add-on type effects built into the game has always been the dumbest.

- Quest tracking
- Floating Combat Text
- Threat
- Dungeon/Raid Journal

Each of those things (and that's not all of them) slowly added to the game because they were just becoming commonly used by the community anyway and each of them equally whined about.

My LoseControl add-on never caused my entire action bar to turn red and hide the cooldowns of my abilities during CCs, even while turned off, which is the part of this new functionality most people are upset about. Try reading the whole thread before trying to look smart. kthnx
My LoseControl add-on never caused my entire action bar to turn red and hide the cooldowns of my abilities during CCs, even while turned off, which is the part of this new functionality most people are upset about. Try reading the whole thread before trying to look smart. kthnx
In short, day 1 patch, people with outdated add-ons (yours last being updated the 2nd) using said outdated add-ons are experiencing problems. Not totally sure how Blizzard is at fault for your own actions, maybe wait for the add-on to get updated or disable it?

You've completely misunderstood me. I am no longer using the add-on. The actionbars turning red thing is part of what Blizzard added with this new functionality, even when we toggle it off in interface options. Whereas when I could use the add-on, it never did stupid crap like that.

To further clearly explain for you: LoseControl is the add-on that Blizzard modeled this after. But they decided to also add some icing on the cake. The problem is the icing is made of cyanide.

If you are using the Bartender add-on or perhaps another action bar modifying add-on, you may not have seen your action bars turning red and covering cooldowns when CC'd. Perhaps this is where your confusion stems from.
Blizz call of duty'd wow lol...
we need the option to turn off the action bar mess plz cuz it distracts especially for pvp.
11/28/2012 03:49 AMPosted by Maehara
I am no longer using the add-on.
Then why bring it up? Why try to use a made add-on in comparison with an integrated feature?

Isn't that literally and entirely what your first post on this page did? Comparing old add-ons to the Blizzard integrated version?

I bring it up because IT IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT. The Blizzard functionality is considerably WORSE and LESS CONVENIENT than the add-on was, and we can't even turn it off.
As for your bit about cooldowns, DUH! DUHDUHDUHERPDERPDUH.

But I would like to able to SEE, for exampe, if I am able to BoP a teammate when the CC fades or if it is on cooldown. Currently I cannot, even when the option is turned off in interface options.

FFS, stop the stupid complaining.
all this is going to do is magnify how often people are cc'd in mop, maybe the dev's would like to step into a bg or 2?

FFS, stop the stupid complaining.


FFS, stop posting blindly and actually read the thread to find out what people are actually complaining about.
11/27/2012 07:27 PMPosted by Fibromyalgía
We've added quite a lot of functionality over time that duplicates the effects of useful or popular addons. Naturally, there will be players that prefer the control or customization that those addons offer, but it doesn't hurt to provide a similar option in the default UI.

I applaud that Blizzard does this, but I do have one question (which you may or may not be allowed to answer):

When you implement functionality that duplicates a popular addon (QuestHelper in particular comes to mind), how do you reconcile this with the addon author(s)? Do you (have to) give them any credit/compensation, or is there something in the fine print of making addons that says "Blizzard owns your addon"?

This is kinda hard to explain. The addon itself is owned by the creator of the addon. However addons must be open sourced.

On Blizzards end, they aren't taking the addon code and using it. They are programming a new one themselves. SO no they don't have ot give credit anymore than Carbonite does to Questhelper.
I think the idea of a CC UI is good.

There is still the issue of the Diminishing Returns system, which not only fails to do its job (people are still burst killed within a single stun so who cares about DR), but is overly complicated and totally opaque to users.
11/27/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Daxxarri
You can turn it off so it doesn't show icons/timers in the middle of the screen, but even if it is turned off you can not see the cooldowns of abilities on your action bars.

I'll certainly make sure that feedback is passed on.

Please do, that !@#$ is annoying. I take the time when I'm CCd to look around the field and check on my longer CDs. Your improvement is great and all, but let us turn it off; it's ugly and distracting for me.
The new features might be more useful for new players but not as useful for veteran players. I think that is what the consensus is. And some might be trying to say ... in some form or another.

I found some of the CC alerts to be a little bit annoying as they popped up briefly, and in 1/2 a second where gone (on the short stuff). And it felt disorienting, cause I was like "What was that?! GAH! ... Oh ... eeehhh..." And then remembered the Patch notes and went to the UI to go turn off the alerts I didn't like.

But a fresh new player coming in might feel differently about them. They might find the alerts useful, maybe or maybe not. It was just something worked in so they don't have to go to some 3rd party website and have to go download a bunch-load of addons. New players take some time with veterans to learn which addons to install and stuff. I think us long-timers have lost that perspective.

It is nice to have the option to turn it off and go use your favorite addon instead. So in the end, if you do not like this new feature - turn that stuff off. It's not too hard to do. It just takes looking at your interface for a little bit. It's optional, I'm not saying it's perfect. I think it could use a little bit of tweeking. Maybe like a castbar that is not in the center of your screen or a little icon by the mini-map or something. I don't know. But seriously, turn it off if you don't like it, keep it on if you like it. It's not that big of a deal.
not sure if you know this but blizzard is just adding stuff to the game the pro's already had...

good players use weak auras and have been using visual aids for a while now.

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