Beastmasters Hunt:The Crane

Customer Support
While doing this quest, alot of the cranes tend to randomly evade/bug out.(While attacking them)
I also noticed, that the drop rate for the feathers is very, very low.

Im not sure, if this is intended or not. But I shouldnt spend 2hrs or more trying to collect 5 feathers.

The drop rate, should be upped or something.
Tell me about it, this is God awful. And they're not shared while in group, it needs to be upped or something, cause its getting very annoying.
You would want to post this on the Quests Forum, or use the new(ish) in-game Suggestion Features so you can let the Developers know your thoughts about the drop rates. As for the evading bug, that would be best on the Bug Reports Forum, or using the new(ish) in-game Bug Report Feature.

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