Brawlers Guild Ranking- What are you?

Zen'shar to 7% :(
Luff you drax
So has anyone been able to kill Battletron after his buff to 10 million health?
11/30/2012 04:19 PMPosted by Eladr
So has anyone been able to kill Battletron after his buff to 10 million health?

Two Warlocks in my guild/server ran circles around him!
Rank 1.

Just got my invitation.
Got to rank 7 with full pvp gear going to try to get to rank 8 with only pvp gear wish me luck
I still need an invite. ;]


I know two people who have had that drop from the rare Horde NPC's...
Rank 7. Got it on one night. Looked at Carp trying GG Engineering then said "maybe next tier". I had alts to level! ;P
Punting old gods and gnomes alike (Zen'shar and Millhouse down).
Rank 7 as of today. Just got to the 2nd guy and only put 1 attempt in on him.

The one that gave me the most trouble was Yikkan Zhu. I was on him for days until I glyphed evasion, got growl from symbiosis, and staggered defensive CDs so I could basically ignore the birds completely and burst him down.
I'm only rank two, but I have already realized that PvE gear would be more useful and I don't have any.
Deeken has proven to be my "wall"--the boss I can't seem to get past. Not sure if I care enough to keep trying at this point.
Got to the last fight of rank 5 on day 1 of getting my invite dropped. Stopped till i get more dps gear. Think i only died 3 times getting here.
Rank one, haven't spent much time on it. Sounds like tank/heal dual spec isn't going to be the easiest way to get through it.

On the upside I snagged an invitation for 1.4 k gold. Not sure if that's a general price drop or just a function of bidding on one with little time left, late night/early morning, on the day after reset.
There was a surplus of them on the AH for 1K this morning. I think there were 10 or so at the time.

From that, I gather that they are not exactly selling like hotcakes Ally side.
Finally 'eceived my invitation a couple o' days ago. Ottis and I 're only rank'd at 1.
Your not supposed to talk about it! you're going to get us kicked out....and kicked in the face!

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