CC in PvP has gone too far!

11/29/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Cadavette
stun stun stun stun dead, fear fear fear fear dead

Sounds like BC to me. We now have Diminishing Returns. CC is less powerful now.

DR means that after a controlled stun/fear/disorient is applied to you, any same category of effect reapplied within 15 seconds (of the effect ENDING) will only have 1/2 the duration of the previous one. Third stun is therefore 1/4 duration, 4th has NO effect.

So, we can see that you're exaggerating, unless you are simplifying over a minute and a half of gameplay into 5 words.

Remember as well, you're a noob again. Get a trinket. DKs have great abilities too, learn to use them. Not even 5k HKs, I'd say you need WAY more to l2p your class in pvp unless you're a virtuoso, which I 'fear' you're not.

Keep trying. It can hurt to accept, but you are the problem. Accept that you need to play better to do well. Humility is a great place to begin on the road to greatness.

BTW, rogues are one of the worst classes in cap pvp right now.

: )

DR is great....problem is we don't ever live long enough to see it. I'm so sick of people saying "get a trinket" and "l2p". We all have trinkets. Most of us know how to break CC. That's not the problem.

Now, I realize you we're referring to the other poster specifically based on what you perceived to be his lack of experience, but as someone who sees the evolution of PvP into nothing but a CC fest, I tend to agree with his comment.

Sure, there was a time before diminishing returns when you could "stun lock", but it was specific classes. And when DR was initially incorporated, it definitely helped. But why, for example, does a warrior get uber stuns AND massive damage, all while retaining incredible defense?

I'm sorry, but please don't assume anyone who is dissatisfied with the current amount of CC is either a newb or can't find a trinket vendor.
11/29/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Mattrose
So here's my question, say if my alt Rogue saps a player and I then cause damage to said sapped player, it breaks the stun and the fighting begins anew.

Sap is NOT a stun, it is a disorient. Disorients break on damage (gouge is also a disorient, they share DR).

11/29/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Mattrose
So why isn't it that way for all stuns/fears etc?

Stuns do not break on damage, fear breaks after a certain amount of damage. Educate yourself about abilities and play be a better player.

11/29/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Mattrose
There is a mage with 4 stuns in sequence over and over while doing damage the entire time.

See my above post about DR (and mages can't chain 4 stuns even w/out DR). You're mistaken.
i'm sorry but DR needs to be combined with everything. no reason 2 diff fears can't be under the same DR especially with as much CC as there is now. DR needs to be combined with all forms of CC to make the playing field better for once. doesn't matter anymore the CC in pvp is just right up crap and i bet it was all GC idea.
11/29/2012 03:13 PMPosted by Illblud
no reason 2 diff fears can't be under the same DR

They are.
11/29/2012 02:55 PMPosted by Ninja
We all have trinkets.

OP in pvp gear, no trink, less than 5k HKs. In my case, I didn't really understand how to pvp until I had about 15k hks (TBC). Maybe you were great from the start, you're a minority. I needed to L2P. Why should now be different from then? Do you have another 90? All classes are not in the poor place rogues are in now. DKs are pretty good.
silly thing is that it would almost not be op to have trinkets have 2 uses before going on CD or somthing. thats just how bad it is. there really is no point in actually pointing out certain classes, its the game as a whole thats the real problem. ive literally been feared like 3 times in a row, used trinket and zerkers rage on the first 2 and still was feared and killed even though i broke out of it. thats just an example, and yes this toon is only level 67.

but all in all CC needs to be cut back on, or maybe even reducing the overall damage and healing so that you might be able to survive the chain cc idk. high burst and lots of cc means stale play and also means that really the strategy and classes are going to be the same.

would be nice if it was coordinating damage instead of coordinating CC that won games, it would be more fun as you could actually have long term fights that you could learn and do different strats on while still being able to make up for mistakes instead of being dead in 0.0005 secs cuz there was a stun put on you :P
Frost DK's are glass cannons and thats not good for a plate class. We have very few gap closers after we uses deathgrip and you get space its over for use. We dont have close to the tool box of control that warriors have. Warriors stun, disarm, slow, FEAR(like they needed it) and have great gap closers on shorter cools than a DK. As a frost DK if i find a bad player that has no clue how to CC then they are dead otherwise I can just call it. In a BG my only hope is to kill a player before they notice me. If its 1 vs 1 i feel I am screwed against all classes(not counting gear). Like some have said not every spec needs a tool box most should just have one.

OP in pvp gear, no trink, less than 5k HKs. In my case, I didn't really understand how to pvp until I had about 15k hks (TBC). Maybe you were great from the start, you're a minority. I needed to L2P. Why should now be different from then? Do you have another 90? All classes are not in the poor place rogues are in now. DKs are pretty good.

Like I said, I know you we're referring to the OP specifically. And no, I wasn't "great from the start" and never meant to imply that. In fact, I was rather reckless and ineffectual at PvP when I first started. (Granted it was in vanilla when there were no trinkets)

And to answer your question, no I have not leveled any of my alts to 90 yet. However I PvPed extensively on them at 85. They are all current FOTM classes: DK, warrior, and hunter (my mage is 85 too but never pvp with it...I'm bad at casters).
I understand that not all classes are suffering at the moment, and maybe my unhappiness with current amounts of CC are strictly from a rogues perspective, but you can't deny that even in Cata the amount of stuns/roots/disorients/fears/omgcantmove were approaching an intolerable level. MoP just blew it even more out of proportion.
I just want to know who the genius was that gave mages a stun. Like they didn't have enough survivability on their own before.
going against a bm hunter unless I have a healer drop a massive cd on me stampede will kill me thats after going sword and board using die by the sword or wall and deep freezes those are fun to but I can usually see them coming and reflect it on the evil ones.
A day in the life of a pvp healer:


(squeeze in instant cast abilities when i get the chance and hope that my gear is better than theirs)

I'm not complaining, because if you have proper gear it really shouldnt be a huge issue but gear is what is going to make it even worse in 5.2 for people just now trying to get into pvp.
:I Most of the thread was pretty TL;DR, but has anybody else noticed the OP has no major glyphs and has (pretty much) no resil/gear? No enchants either besides the DK runeforging. Also, he's probably getting hard CCd because he has no trinket.
Some CCs are 7-8 seconds long! That's too long! You trink one then have a 2 min CD then get hit by another and another and another... but what is worse is that pets and minions of CCs as well and there's a lot more of them running around out there than before making the CC even worse and the trinkets and your own class counters almost useless in a number of situations.
Leveling alts is just pure pain right now... get in combat...get stunned...die...wait 20 seconds...buff up...get back to get ccd
If you're gearing up than you are going to get bitten by CC one way or another if your team is not helping one another.

If you are geared than CC will be more tolerable and it will take skills to kill someone or stay alive.

The post i'm reading here it's just hilarious LOL!!

Everyone gets about 3 CC per class so no one class is being short - ended.
1. They really dont care what you think of it
2. Its their way or no way.

Over 8 years of playing and it took me 7 years to figure that out. Your welcome!
11/27/2012 09:45 PMPosted by Dliver
If you don't want to be CC'd, run with a healer. Or play a ranged class.
Not a good example as ranged player i got stunned,feared,disarmed and blinded all the time.
11/28/2012 02:41 AMPosted by Chainra
Stop playing captian solo and try playing as a team I asure you cc's arent as bad when you have other supporting you.
And just how do you know he was not in a group of 3 or 4 players there are a lot of cc's that hit more than 1 player
11/29/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Ztex
Its not anywhere near as bad as you make it seem. Sorry if you cant counter the enemies abilities, but thats what pvp is.
its not that BAD, are you kidding me. Oh wait a minute, i see you are a warrior you have move stuns than any other class

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