<Drunken Legacy> 4/6 MV, 1/6 HOF Recruiting

Aerie Peak
Guild: <Drunken Legacy> Lvl 25
Faction: Alliance
Raid hours: Group A, Tues, Thurs, Sun 6:15-1015pm. Group B, Wed, Fri, Mon 6:00-10:00pm 10 man raiding

Group A currently 2/6 MV, Group B Currently 4/6 MV, 1/6 HOF

What we are looking for:

Mature Semi-hardcore raiders for progression.

Attendance: 90%+

Vent and Mic Required

Able to use raiding add-ons. Know your class and research the fights ahead of time. We are looking for team players!

Recruitment is open for:

-Palidan (Grp B possibly)
-Mage (Grp B for sure)
-Warrior (Grp B Possibly)
-Lock (Grp A)
-Ele Shaman
-Shadow Priest
-Monk (Grp A)
Exceptional players of any class encouraged to apply!

About Drunken Legacy, DL Moved to Aerie Peak as a small core of friends, With the goal of a fun and social guild. DL developed into a raiding guild at the end of cataclysm. DL runs with two 10-man raids, progression being the goal.

Loot Distribution:
- Progression /rolls. MS > OS,
Guild raider perks:- Free repairs at all times- Free flasks & food- Free enchants/gems as mats allow
- Lvl 25 guild Perks
Feel free to whisper any of Officers with questions: Snowprincess[GM] Códeine, Riidbiit, Kader, or Padeco.

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