Upgrade Weapon or trinket??

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if I should upgrade my weapon or trinket with my current valor.

Here is the difference in stats: http://imgur.com/a/DHzJf

The only thing is, the trinket doesn't show a proc upgrade, but I've heard that the proc does get upgraded.

It is possible that I will replace this weapon soon with the sword, but I may have the trinket for a while, not sure...

Let me know what you think please.
My plan is to upgrade BiS, but I will make an exception for weapons and try to get them done first, which is what I did.

Lo and behold, the sword dropped from a coin roll I did tonight, but it's no big deal, lol. Weapon upgrades are huge, and I figure I won't get a BiS item more than every 3 weeks or so anyway. It's also nice how that staff is only 1500 for the whole thing.

Just if you're wondering, if you have the 504 staff and the sword does drop:

504 Loshan + 496 OH > 504 Waterspeaker

500 Loshan + 496 OH < 504 Waterspeaker

So yeah, get those weapon upgrades out of the way. RoY will be good after that. :)
Thanks digerati. What do you think about the trinket? Did you do any upgrading regarding that?
Yeah. Upgrade your RoY.

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