Transfer Trash LF Raid Team

Raiders looking for team on frostmourne

484 ilvl Priest experienced in all specs /rolls.
478 Tank druid experienced as resto if needed
485 Mage fire/arcane

LF raid team 3 nights a week preferably +8GMT onward

preferably with 6/6 MV on farm and some HOF progression

post here or PM/MAIL me ingame
Hey mate,

I "may" have a spot for you in our core raid team.

We raid 8-12 ST Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

6/6 MSV, 6/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES.

I'd need you (the priest) to run shadow, the druid to run healy/moonkin (or be ok with benching it every so often) and the mage to pull decent dps desite the recent mage smackdown that has occured.

If your interested contact myself or any of our members ingame who can point you to me (or just send me an ingame mail) - note that I'm generally really busy, so replies may not be instant.


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