Why we need to see LFR boss status

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How about being more exact:

If someone called up my company saying they were going to ruin my product for other people until they got their way I'd show them the door and/or offer them a refund if they weren't happy.

That's not really what they're doing though. That's why the vote to kick is an option. They get kicked, and then the group gets a new player. Inconveniencing one customer to make another customer happy isn't much of a fix either... I'm sure we can agree on that.
I think the domino effect that this will cause will force most everyone to queue 2 times for every raid.

Time is the issue I am seeing over and over with WoW. Everything that is implemented has a time cost. The players have to evaluate the cost and make a decision. Coins have already reduced the amount of time you have to be in a LFR already, so I'm not too upset with this change.

I just wish there was a better way of punishing a player that leaves a LFR after a wipe rather than making the general population wait 10-20 min. Maybe a way to track if a player leaves a LFR when they have not completed the 3-4 bosses that week, and if that is the case have a harsher punishment, maybe only can queue 1 time a day. For those that are completing the bosses needed in the instance, or after a certain # of wipes, there would not be a punishment.

The positive side of this is that if there is a roadblock boss such as Garalon, the ability to actually do the 1st couple of bosses will be available.
11/29/2012 01:55 PMPosted by Naishee
And this BS about satisfaction of completing a raid... It's LFR, where you are pretty much guaranteed a win.

This guy didn't raid original LFR Garalon.

You're awesome.

And you're exactly right, you can't have it both ways. Leave whenever it suits you AND expect there to be fresh raids waiting for you each time. It'd be great if that was possible, but it is an MMO with lots of other real live people playing. Ideally though cooperating to complete a raid is rewarding enough for everyone that it's generally functioning in a way that makes everyone want to cooperate.

Let me point out something. With the change made Griefing is going to go up quite a bit. When you report someone via ticket your told use the right click report witch from what we have seen does nothing. Are you guys going to actually start policing your game? or do we now have to suffer with more Griefers and gm temples to use the right click temp ignore?

LFR is optional. Don't like it? Don't do it.
11/29/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Blackgoddess
WoW 45 Valor, I can easily do 3 scenarios and get 60 valor in the same time I sit in a second queue.

Pretty sure that's why scenarios were added. Do them while your other important queue ticks down.
11/29/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Cylia
LFR is optional. Don't like it? Don't do it.

Stop it. People like this don't understand the word "optional". Let me direct you to one of the 5,000 daily complaint threads.
11/29/2012 01:52 PMPosted by Smakke
Yeah, I saw that...and asked for clarification right afterwards, and haven't seen a response on it. What criteria "ups your likelihood of a fresh raid with no bosses down yet?"

This has been a feature and something LFR has been doing since Dragon Soul. There doesn't need to be further clarification, you can find blue posts talking about it back from January. If you've done a partial run of an LFR, the next time you queue to complete it you're opted for a fresh run over a partial run.

No, you are reading more into my request than there is. I am not asking what was mentioned in some blue post on some thread 2 years ago that is now buried a million threads deep...so deep that no search in the world could find it anymore. Just asking for a comon courtesy, "yeah it's still the way it was" or "no, we've altered it and here's the new method" along with a reminder of the conditions...not a "we told you 2 years ago, so go spend 3 days searching old threads trying to find it with no success".

Just a friendly yes/no and reminder of what you need to do to get higher chance of a fresh run next time. I already KNOW it worked in Cata, and I haven't had ANY problem with it in Panderia yet...but I always FINISH my in-progress queues...I don't bail...so I am wondering if THAT is the difference and why others are having endless chains of in-progresses.
You are forgetting with out people PAYING to play it would end up like City of heros, SWTOR, etc

Except the reason why those games are like they are is because they sucked.

Rift is still on pay to play, has a low customer base but is doing fantastic in terms of design, employee's, stability, and content delivery.

They dont even charge for transfers, pets, mounts, have a online shop, character redesign, or to play with other factions.
11/29/2012 01:44 PMPosted by Tamotsu
Well this won't be a huge issue to me, but DPS will hate me. Because if I join a partly complete raid, ill finish it out, then later when i get in a fresh one, I'll be leaving after the bosses I didn't previously have, therefore making them need another tank.

I don't think it's a problem though, because the whole system will run so much smoother now that it won't be a big deal to replace someone halfway through the instance. If you want to leave after 2 bosses, just leave. Sometimes someone will stay for the VP, but that's definitely optional.

If anyone remembers the early WotLK (and earlier) days before Dungeon Finder, it was considered a tremendous betrayal to leave a dungeon halfway through -- even at 1 am if you needed to sleep! But once Dungeon Finder came out, it was so easy to replace people that we all enjoyed much more freedom, in being able to leave when we wanted to. Leaving no longer wasted hours of someone's time, only minutes!
So if you call me with a problem because of the performance of our product, or because our company changed a product in a way that you weren't happy with, and you called me, you would be happy with a response of "Maybe our company isn't for you then"?

I'm sure nearly 100% of the customers I'd say that to would flip out and report my business to the BBB.

How about being more exact:

If someone came to my company HQ saying they were going to ruin my product for other people until they got their way I'd show them the door and/or offer them a refund if they weren't happy.

Being honest and saying if you Force me to do this then I will likely respond This way is valid and important information to have.

Just because you hate his answer does not mean it is not important for Blizzard to understand this already goes on and may increase which will make completion of LFR's more difficult for their customers.

Blizzard needs to understand that if you force someone to do something they do not want to do they might not be happy and might do things to have fun while they are forced to do it.

Why do you think people get to a boss and cause a wipe for no reason?

yet Blizzard does nothing about it.

Some customers might not want to hear the truth. However a company like Blizzard better want to hear it so they can either find ways to deal with it or find ways to get them to want to be there.
11/29/2012 01:56 PMPosted by Hazzard
I think the domino effect that this will cause will force most everyone to queue 2 times for every raid.

How are you not queuing twice, or more, waiting for a 0/6 run?

Anyway, there are still plenty of runs making it to completion, which means less people joining in-progress runs, and that only increases as people learn the fights and their gear improves.
11/29/2012 01:55 PMPosted by Moofaza
Please, at least read the first page of responses to the OPs question. Bashiok has stated like 4 different times that when you finish a half-completed run, you will (most likely) get a fresh run immediately afterwards. You have no right to complain until you've had the unfortunate circumstance of hitting 5 2/6 runs in a row.

Read what I said, I said "chance" which is the same as most likely. It could be a really low chance but I have gotten Will of the Emperor twice thanks.

It's a 20 min que as dps. I then killed Emp got loot (yay) then qued again for 20 min, got Emp decided to quit but if i decided to stay thats another 10min fight, then another 20 min que with a slight chance of getting it again... you get the point. Yes it's a slight chance, but a slight chance to be forced to do something with absolutely no reward (and possible wipes) is silly.

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