Beastmaster's Hunt: The Crane

I have an issue with the quest Beastmaster's Hunt: The Crane.

The droprate on Pristine Golden Crownfeater is way too low. I been killing Child of Chi-Ji for Pristine Golden Crownfeathers for 2 hours and only have 3.

No other daily takes this long, if someone from Blizzard is reading this please look in to the drop rate for this quest item.
What's even worse is doing all three of these quests, then not being able to trigger the fight from the huntsman. My whole freaking realm was trying to figure out why no one could trigger this fight. Wasted 2 hours and 90 of the new currency for 12 lesser charms and 30 valor points.
Once I found out you do not get rep for doing them I just dropped it. All you get for doing it is 5 valor points and more coins. It's not worth it, especially since we are not daily poor, and it doesn't take long to get capped on valor points for the week. I have chores to do in real life, don't wanna bring them in game. The quest is worthless.

OMG after over 20 dead cranes, I only have 1 Pristine Golden Crownfeather and I just give up. This is a huge waste of time, I could be doing something way more productive and fun.

I hope Blizzard ups the drop rate. This quest has to be bugged! No quest items should have such a terrible drop rate like this. Right now I'm all alone killing these cranes but imagine if there's 1 or more people in the same area? It could take HOURS just to finish this 1 quest!
Adding my voice to this. The drop rate is way too low. I find it hilarious and borderline idiotic that they decided to increase the drop rate of the feather we need one of, when the rate on the ones we need five of is even worse. Add to that the pathetic "reward" for this daily, and it's just flat out not worth doing.

ETA: Oh, and the birds themselves are buggy as hell too; they love to randomly evade and reset themselves for no reason.
They hotfixed the Jet Crownfeathers yesterday, but the Golden Crownfeathers doesn't seem to have changed at all.
11/29/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Golgöth
They hotfixed the Jet Crownfeathers yesterday, but the Golden Crownfeathers doesn't seem to have changed at all.

I agree also. I read the hotfix too and got excited, but it still took me over an hour. BTW, I also have an issue with these quests dropping from my quest log. Here's my thread on it.
This quest is SHOCKINGLY badly designed. The drop rate is atrocious, the cranes have a ridiculously short leash and evade if you happen to, say... be a hunter and shoot them from your max range. They're surrounded by aggro monks who can be reduced to 1 health but cannot be killed, so just essentially follow you around punching you until you outrange them. And if it happens to take you more than one day to complete - not at all unusual considering I don't always have an hour to spend collecting FIVE items - the quest drops out of your log and you're out the thirty commendations you spent to get it.

So... I'm paying thirty commendations to have a chance to complete a horrendously bugged and poorly designed quest that rewards me the same amount as I can get harvesting a single crop in Halfhill? And I could do this daily? Gee, where do I sign up. What other completely unnecessary toil do you have that I could pay for?
If they used good code design, there would be one easy to find place to go to in the code to change the drop rate from 1 per zillion to 1 per million. Voila!! Done!!
So painful, i was doing this quest with my dad and when a feather did happen to show up we both could not loot it. We had to farm 10 feathers :(

Hmmm, just cashed in the quest and did not receive any rep or any kind.
Do the crab people.
The crab is SO much easier.
This quest is bad. Just bad. Don't do it.

What's that you say? You've arrived here, which means you've already googled this quest name in hopes of answers?

Yeah me too. Sorry.
Yes I have arrived here, and yes I indeed used Google ->WoWHead and the answers are dismal. Most say it takes 1-2 hours to complete this daily... Over an hour later and 1 feather??? No way am I staying to farm the other 4!!!.

Quest is not fun, too long for quest items to drop. Did not complete the quest so not sure if the reward is worth it, most say NO.
Yeah, I can understand Blizz wanting us to "slow down" on these things, but my God, this is the worst way to do this. It takes forever to get one drop from these things, and you need 5, which means that it'll take you an hour to do anything, and in an awfully buggy area (this is the same place where the August Celestial dailies got broken somewhat, so it might be linked to whatever coding they changed effing up this island).

Please don't say this is working as intended (I would be shocked if it is) or that it shouldn't be changed. Glad to see no elitists have tried to make THIS a battlefield, too.
The best bit is when you finish all the feathers and still don't get to fight the crane
maybe because im on lower pop, only took me bout an hour the times i bothered to do it. Id end up with about 45 meats in the process
Really wish I would have done a little research on this quest either here or another forums before trying it. Drop rate is as all have said previously; bad. I would like to add another complaint as well. The panda in the area seem to aggro despite being involved in brawls of their with each other.

Is my kung fu really that awesome that they feel a need to challenge me? Do I look like nbumber two? Do they really care if I waste my time searching for 'pristine' feathers? Shouldnt they be helping destroy the sha? At the least one would hope they would put more focus on the other panda that just judo chopped them for 40k instead of running over to me and picking a fight.

Thats not the worst part though. Once you handle the group of at least 2, and often 3-4 happy pandas, along with whatever group of birds you happened to be working on, again 2 or 3, they drop NO LOOT. None. Instead they preform some sort of respectful pose and run away with nary a 'Thanks for the lesson in how to get my rear end handed to me'.

Do they even give rep? Black Prince maybe? Shieldwall (or evil guys for horde)? Dunno, as I was too involved with wondering why my victory rush was bugged. Seemes like everytime I would 'defeat' (aka, kill) one of these delightfully punchy pandas I was not able to use an integral ability that allows me to quest, grind, farm ect without having to stop and eat after every kill.

So please. Fix Victory Rush. It is bugged and does not work as intended. Killing one of the pandas on that island does not allow the use of Victory Rush.
best part of those pandas.. is instead of stopping attacking you when you get to 5% life or whatever they kill you, yet they get to live and arent even forced to run back

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