Why doesn't Bliz release *full* patch notes?

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11/28/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Daxxarri
So it's just coincidence that almost all of the stuff that you "forgot" to put in the patch notes are things that negatively impact the game?

I have a question for you:

Do you really think that we believe that players are happier to find these things out on accident, with no warning? That somehow we think we can slip things by un-detected, when logic, history, and all evidence points to the contrary?

What's the advantage there?

I don't think it's a conspiracy theory or anything, i just don't understand WHY there is no main source of information, or how something as important as patch notes can be missed out on. Maybe they should get someone else to do the job, especially when they make condescending comments such as these. Seriously, as soon as someone challenges a blue post, all I ever see is some snide or condescending reply, way to cater to your customers. And I realise I was being condescending by implying that your job should be givin away, but in a case where you treat your customers so poorly, my statement is valid. In the case of getting a full complete patch notes, maybe there should be better communication within the company. Seems kindof unorganized to me. Also i don't remember there ever being a patch notes where so much was left out... i could be wrong on that one, it's been awhile.
11/30/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Aztecshroom
Also i don't remember there ever being a patch notes where so much was left out... i could be wrong on that one, it's been awhile.

No there have been worse patches than this, note wise. I'd have to look it up, but you are right, it's been awhile.
Epic management failure or intentional skullduggery, my money is on the latter.

Yes, I understand life happens and mistakes are made. However, the track record speaks for itself. This isn't an occasional thing, it is every major patch. It is significant details datamined months in advance on PTR builds, discussed widely on the forums complete with questioning about why they aren't listed on the PTR patch notes yet appear to be in place on the PTR (5.1 example: changes to monk talent Ascension, pvp power changes, etc).

There is no excuse for the sheer number of instances where significant changes go undocumented in the patch notes. Database changes such as exchange rates, mana costs, coefficients, and the like should have automated inclusion in patch notes to avoid any "ball-dropping" as they certainly are of interest to the players. (I can understand not posting intended changes to exchange rates and the like on the PTR but there is no excuse for them not making the final patch notes).
But won't this just perpetuate the problem of people leaving during raids even more?

If I join a partially finished raid, then go to another raid to finish the bosses I haven't done I will then be leaving after completing the bosses I need. Blizz needs to find some way to keep people in the raid for the whole thing from boss 1 to until the end.

We're always working toward a better system. In the meantime, while the scenario you describe could happen, we should still see more consistent groups and lower queue times than we were seeing previously.

Queue times are higher at most times of the day now. The LFR status change has zero advantage, in that there is now no possible way to guarantee that one is joining a fresh raid.
Its funny that there was a whole forum about this, a whole two weeks ago.

Ghostcrawler@Nyphador Intended. Sorry that we failed to patch note it. We will update the notes.

The world where I live two weeks late equals two weeks till your office needs to be cleaned out. Can I come work at blizzard? All the jobs looked like they required 3 years experience the last time I checked.
I'm glad that I get the read about the billions of changes to pet battles.......

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