My dusty demo lock

Might be the most fun i've had in wow in a lonnggggg time. I am having an absolute blast leveling with the occasional dungeon. I have leveled every char to at least 70 sans monk and this guy.

My previous favorite leveling experience was enhance shaman (and is still my hands down favorite dps spec). This was years and years ago. You auto-attacked and shocked until 40. Then after acquiring some buttons to push, began to absolutely decimate anything in your path to lvl cap. The class quests made me feel shamany *cough, bring back class quests* (I'll never forget why you are actually there in org Gamon, old rogues /wink). Then as the changes came I still enjoyed how hybrid the class actually felt. I digress.

Having 3 "forms" and options for play style keeps it fresh. Almost every other class/spec just settles into a leveling rotation for blasting mobs and trucking on. Hmm ill void for a bit and try to make the most out of meta for a while. Or any other summon and make the most of demon hunting glyph. Or back and forth, or zomg full fury pull everything in 100yds and go ape! Regardless, it is fast, efficient, and fun as heck. I feeeeel like a warlock. I feeeeel like a demonology warlock!

Not too sure on what I want from it end game. I probably won't be able to stomach northrend. Except sholazar! I really loathe northrend for some reason. I think I got most of my alts up during wrath.


Thank you dusty demo lock for reinvigorating my passion for this game.
The best part is killing overconfident undergeared bads 3v1.
I am also leveling a new demo lock just for the fun of it. Wasn't sure how I'd feel about the changes to it, or as you say what I might want at end-game from it, but leveling it is very entertaining!

I haven't played demo for long time, back when I double specced into it from Affliction where my newbishness combined with Affliction's AoE complexities were causing me some hilariously quick and unlovely deaths! Demo and its AoE --- back then it was Rain of Fire with Felguard/Felstorm -- saved the day for me.

If you don't like Northrend maybe just level in dungeons there? I love Wrath dungeons -- except Occulus --- nooooooo!
Leveling this lock in Demo with the Demon Hunter glyph reinvigorated my love for this game. I'm sad that I'm almost 90 now =(

I wish other classes could get this kind of in depth rework to make them just as fun.

But as of now, I'm having way too much fun with this class to go back to my paladin main, I'll be maining this toon for the remainder of the expansion.
Yep, I tried Destro, then started Demo at 32...I am 72 now, and it is a blast.
I play 2 toons, this and a DK, I really enjoy them both, but the warlock is just a tad more fun.

I can spellcast, i can melee and tank with the Glyph of DH, especially solo's or trash mobs. You have a pet for when you want to pull mobs, put it on auto and go get a coffee while you harvest life and the 5-7 wild imps and Felguard just rain holy hell on everything in site.

She is probably specced a bit on the stamina heavy side (she has more HP than my DK that is 4 levels higher) but i have sooo much fun and she is such a versatile class. Just wish we could get some better armor stats for us that like to mix it up right in the grille.

Started PVPing her in a PVE realm, trying to get the hang of hitting things that actually hit back with intelligence, just a small learning curve. Overall after playing a hunter and warrior which i got bored of, very glad i rolled the lock and look forward to playing her every other week ( I rotate weeks between the 2 classes or 5 levels whichever comes first)

sooo glad i found this class!!
11/29/2012 12:40 PMPosted by Eleonore
She is probably specced a bit on the stamina heavy side (she has more HP than my DK that is 4 levels higher)

lol! I used to duo with a DK who was always ahead of me in ilvl and he used to go on about my high HP. But it is not like we are able to forge for it, it is just the intel gear we aim at usually comes with stamina too and locks are tough. And we have our demons as tanks/weapons/fear sponges. yes its fun!

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