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Bleeding Hollow
Sup I'm Trix!
Just recently i transferred from Zul'jin to here. I was on Zul'jin for about 5 years and i had to move somewhere else to full fill my bad pvp addiction. I did about 2+ years of PVE and at most times i was on Top realm guilds on Zul'jin while raiding and just recently left Duality(A top 10 US Rank Guild)

Anyways enough about PVE, main reason im here is to find a pretty hardcore PVP guild. When i say hardcore, doesn't mean the best PVP guild in the world or in the US, but a very competitive guild that is serious at times but loves to enjoy the game they play and have as much fun as they can while kicking !@# and getting high ratings. Trying to search for a guild that is well organized and has a consistent RBG schedule. I can understand there will be times that i have to maybe sit and let others play because of a possibility of a little over strength in the group or what not. Also just trying to find players like i said that are competitive and try hard to win because i don't like to lose but if i lose i won't ever rage, i don't ever yell, at most i might be little upset and just try and think what I or we should of done better, but that is all, because i can't win them all but you know damn well i'm going to try ;p. And everything i noted above i look for the same expectations with arena :D..mainly focusing on arena a little more until i get 2.2k+ or try and go for glad!

Before i write a damn novel..A little about me. Yea as i said little earlier i came from very good PVE guilds and thats why i'm kinda anal about organization and consistent attendance. But i have been playing wow for almost 5 years now, about a good 2 years of doing battlegrounds on 6 different maxed out toons..besides MOP, only my druid is 90 atm so i have some good knowledge about other classes. I have 5 other 85's, Pally, Hunter, Rouge, Priest, Mage, and got a 76 lock and a 55 shammy. Also you might notice right away that i don't have 2k achv for 2s or 3s yet, well because i started to get into hardcore arena when mop started. Did about 2 weeks of arena and had to leave for 5 weeks, had something really big come up during those 5 weeks, but anyways i'm back now! I've done arena for points for quite some time and have done bg's for over 2 years, but first week coming back from a 5 week break rolled with enhance/hpally/feral and got to 1990. Since we did arena so late and i'm sure you know how the mmr $%^- works..well we were facing 2100-2200+ mmr teams and most times we lost because it was a shatter play comp and they would lower our mmr and then next games we would start to face 1850+ teams like KFC or another shatter play comp and would farm us a couple games at late night. After that we just stopped at 1950, mainly because my partners are never on at same time as me for the most part, we just happen to blow to 1900+ in about an hour and a half on a Saturday night. Also atm im sitting at 1767 RBG with some "wing it" guild. Done a good amount of 2s also, but mainly with certain classes but a good amount of time and practice while doing 2's. Basically to shorten this up, i just don't want to be judged on the experience i have not gotten to fully full fill yet, My goal is to be a player who gets 2.2k+ in arena in his first arena season, which is very possible for me i really think. A way harder achv that has slim chances but you never know is to possibly get Duelist or Glad..you never know ;p.

All around tho im a great fun player, who can have his random moments at times and get some good laughs in. Just trying to find a good opportunity to come my way because i don't have the links to show what talent i could be holding. Would overly appreciate getting a test run and seeing how i do. There is more to me but if i keep typing i can guarantee that i can make this longer then patch notes. Anyways to get in contact with me you can pst me in game and i will be happy to share more info about me. Weekdays i usually log on around 7:30pm to 8:00pm server and tend to log off about 1:00am server. Weekends..im on all day and can tend to be up as late as 600am server. And awesome part is i just upgraded and finally got my first custom built computer which im really pumped about..have had gaming computers before but nothing ever like this, so it's giving me even more of an addiction to play! Anyways ty for taking the time to read this and pst me anytime and i'll be more then happy to talk.
P.S. I don't talk a crap ton in one sittings like this lol ;p

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