[A] 10man W/Th/M 8-12 AEST LFM

<Myst> is an established Hardcore raiding guild located on frostmourne alliance that has recently downsized from a 25 man guild into 10 mans. Our core 2 [10/16nm (1/16Hm)] is currently seeking the following to complete our 15 man roster for 10man progression:

Heals(1 spot)
- MW monk with WW off-spec

DPS (1 spot)
- hunter
- rogue

Players must be willing to make 90% of raids, be exceptional at their class (people holding us back will be replaced etc), willing to sit out for fights here and there and have a relaxed mature attitude with a solid desire to progress through Hm content.

If interested please contact me on real id via #aussiegears1190

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