RBGS New X-Server Vent/Runs Started 29/11/12

I Willl Be Getting A Few Grps Going For RBGS ONLY Over Oqueue. Vent Details Are Hostname: rbgsonly.typefrag.com Port:50175 Password: codedforareason , This Vent is For RBGS Only or geared 5man BGs. After Players Interested If You Are Join Vent And Add My Battle-tag VeryOriginal#1496 You May Also Use It For You Own Personal RBGs (50man Vent Server For The Time Being) Once Enpanded I Will Add More Rooms and Players Aloud On Server At Once.

This Is So People Can PvP Easier and Also Move Up Rankings Easier. Also After Players To Take The Rank of Leading If You Enjoy Leading In PvP.

Ingame Mail Me For Any Concerns Praytience - Area 52 (US) Horde.

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