Calling all level 80's!

Currently we are looking for an all 80's ICC 25H. (And every other 80's raid for that matter!)

Who are "we?" We are the 80's community! No need for transfers or faction changes! We are able to do everything via cross realm grouping! All we need is your real id or battletag!

Why would we want an all 80's raid you ask? For the community, that's why! For the fun, that's why! For the love of out dps'ing 90's, that's why! For our tanks not taking any damage, that's why!

"Out dps'ing 90's? You're crazy!" Is this what you are thinking to yourself? Come along for the fun and sit back at Putricide's doorstep and watch a level 80 fire mage bust out 400k dps! Watch Saurfang take a 430k Chaos Bolt to the face! 'Lol' at Rotface for eating 250k heroic strikes! Ever seen an 80 Spriest pull 90k dps? Festergut has! We've even seen prot paladins top dps meters with stacked vengeance!

You might ask me, "Okay that sounds fun and all, but what's this about tanks not taking any damage?" Well, good sir, our blood death knights are sitting at 109% avoidance and take ZERO physical damage! AMS soaks 100% of magic damage, up to a point! Prot paladins sit well over the cap and with 100% mastery, vengeance bugs out into the millions! What's this mean, you ask? Healers have less stress put on them and only have to worry about raid damage! Isn't that great!? It's so easy a hybrid could do it!

So come on yall and bust out your old Wrath alts that you never play anymore! Dust em off and join this fun loving friendly crowd! We don't rage at wipes cuz someone stood in bad stuff! We don't obsess over ilevel! We don't care what kind of dps you can pull! We just want YOU there! YOU are what makes "WE" great!

For any questions or inquiries, you can leave a post here, or feel free to add me to your friends list! My battletag is:


We know you're out there, we see you in bg's! :)

Edit: These are from tonight's ICC 25H - Cummy and I were the only 80's in the raid :(



Lich King:

Hope to hear from everyone soon!!
There's plenty of people with Alliance toons!

I don't have any, but there are a few looking for the same exact thing, Alliance side. Post here and we can get a list of real id's going!
I'll ask the people on my friends list if they have 80s, too. I know a few of them do, so I'll tell em to post here.

Are you allowing 81-84 twinks too?
Well, I guess that would be up to everyone else in the raid at the time. It's all trivial anyway so I wouldn't see why not.
Awesome! The more the merrier!
I updated the OP
Avoidance cap, you say? What is this.....I don't even......
Take a break from sitting in LFR queue and explode some bosses in seconds like your inner child is telling you to!
Hey! Mages got nerfed but we still pull 300k dps! WHAT!?
Looks like the all 80's ICC will be on Saturday. We don't have a specific time right now, but we will have one soon!
Need times to go off of, yall!

Looks like 6pm - whenever so far

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