Rogues and their music

Now I personally like listening to music while playing but I cant find some for stealth like anything in power metal is good on my hunter but not in rogue
I listen to burial on pandora, its a really atmospheric sound with lots of intent embedded in it. Which is perfect for me. I feel super mischievous :)
Rogue theme song, no contest:

I generally listen to this sort of music.

But while grinding BG's i'll listen to Swashbuckle (Pirate Theme Thrash Metal)

Edit: A rogue really only has three career options: Assassin, Apothecary, and Pirate :)
Killswitch Engage
Thug music while i be rapin nugga's in a stunlock
The Eighties will never die as far as I am concerned.

Edit: Christ, why didn't I think of this one when i posted?


11/29/2012 08:31 PMPosted by Sociopaths
Thug music while i be rapin nugga's in a stunlock
Anything that bangs. I'm a hip-hop guy.
Bluegrass / Dubstep station on pandora



Trance is the best :)
Vioent By Design (Jedi Mind Tricks), 36 Chambers of Wu (Wu-Tang Clan), Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (Raekwon), Liquid Swords (GZA), The Infamous (Mobb Deep) and mid-90's East Coast hip-hop in general. Love me some metal, but grimy hardcore East Coast hip-hop is the best music for killing.

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