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I'm currently 485 ilvl. In terms of experience, I've played since vanilla and cleared everything from MC to 11/12 H ICC back (excluding og naxx, and ulduar) when they were still relevant. The only honorable mention I can think of atm is Mu'ru pre nerf (not the health and dps nerf they applied to all SWP bosses, but the one before that). I took a break during cata and started playing MoP about a month ago. I try relatively hard to min/max and consistently outperform my simmed results. I refer to h2p, mmochamp, EJ, and do a little theorycrafting of my own and actively participate in betas.

At the moment I'm available to raid on T,TH,F,SAT anytime after 7pm.
M & W I have evening classes until 10 and cant be on until 11pm.
Classes end in two weeks and I'm actually unsure how my schedule will look next semester so please post which nights you raid and I'll get back to you once I get my !@#$ together.

The following is the most recent parse i can come up with:

The following is my epeenbot:

Ideally, I'm looking for a guild that is at least 12/16. I do not care about loot nor the loot system your guild utilizes. All I ask for is a guild that dedicates as much time towards progression as I do. The current guild I'm in is a made up of a group of ~10 RL friends that really only raids one day of the week. As you can imagine, with a group of exactly 10, there are often times when something comes up and raids get cancelled. I will continue to raid with them sunday nights on an alt.

Yes I have a mic, and yes it works.

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