How to beat Healer 2s teams?

As double frost mage. Might not be the most optimal comp, but it is just for cap/fun. Anyway, we simply cannot beat healer/dps teams. No matter the classes, any healer/dps team is very hard to beat for us.

coordinate. the rank #1 team on bloodlust is mage/mage

when you guys are getting ready to burst, communicate. if you are tossing up a frost bomb, see if your partner can do the same, so you can get double the damage while someones deeped.

when you are vocal about every move you make, your partner can act accordingly, or vice versa.

mage/mage is extremely powerful if played right.

oh, and don't forget to spam cc on the one you aren't trying to kill.

i also recommend snagging gladius, and gladiatorlossa. those will help
With 2 frost bombs you guys should kill anything in a deep freeze. If you don't, you have still about 5 seconds of Blanket counterspells after the Deep.

Just force a trinket early on the healer by starting on the DPS. As soon as the trinket is gone make a hard switch to the healer. Game over.
Focus one with bombs at the same time, cc the other. If you don't score a kill swap and make sure bombs are coordinated into shatters. If you still haven't scored a kill play defensive and try gain after dr is up on poly, defensive CDs or trinkets should have been forced at least.
cc the healer, pom ring of frost/polymorph + silence

or you can just burst the healer and keep the dps cc'd.Just make sure you use your silences rigtht and not at the same time.
Both open from stealth with bomb. One sheep the other target and the other get the deep up. Fireblast to proc the FFB then orb and pet nova for procs Alter time. FFB IL IL IL FFB IL IL IL. May have to cs during that but its pretty much that simple.

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