Subtlety spec problem while pick pocketing.

I haven't played my original rogue (Wahre/Silver Hand) since MoP came out, but I did play a rogue from lvl 50-80 after it did. I had both rogues specced Subtlety and specced the same way. Both are using:

Glyph of Deadly Momentum
Glyph of Ambush
Glyph of Kick
Glyph of Pick Pocket
Glyph of Pick Lock

Only difference is the rogue I'm playing right now is using Glyph of Disguise in the third minor spot.

My issue is that when I stealth and sneak up behind anything and go to pick pocket it, it turns around and sees me almost 100% of the time. I haven't changed the way that I sneak up on things. I'm not moving, I'm directly behind it, I don't have some sort of dot on me that breaks me out of stealth. I usually have Recuperate running on me and I have read that some other Sub Rogues have had that proccing and breaking stealth and I'm wondering if somehow that's part of my problem.

Even if I am at the outer range of the pick pocket skill the mobs turn around and "sense" that I'm there. If I don't move they go back to what they were doing. If I am right behind them they attack because they "see" me. They are of equal level to me (77) or lower by a level. Sub spec used to be the super stealthy, good pick pocketing spec. What has changed??

Is anyone else having this happen? If so, has it been happening since before 5.1 or just since? I wish I'd been playing this toon before 5.1 to note if it was happening before.
/cast sap
/cast pick pocket

If you're dropping stealth, it could be several issue, not currently "recognized" by Blizzard. If you're staying in stealth, use the macro so they can't get ya.

Edit: My daughter plays on SH,we've always loved your guild name.

: )
It happened to me at 90 pickpocketing 90's before I got the glyph for longer pickpocket range. It didn't matter how I approached a mob, they would turn around. Used to be you could tickle a mobs hindquarters and they wouldn't turn around as long as you stayed in whatever degree cone behind them.

I haven't had this issue after increasing the range with the glyph, but it appears you are. Maybe it's mob stealth detection scaling as strangely as ability damage and other things at less than max level.

Oh, and this has all been as combat by the way. Haven't played Sub since MoP came out. :(
Do you have a damage proc weapon enchant, by any chance? I had the same problem recently, until I realized that Elemental Force was proccing off Recuperate.
Just use the subterfuge talent... then it doesn't happen. but yes, otherwise they always turn and target you if you don't have this stupid. most of the time they'll end up aggroing on you.

Just another "working as intended" I'm sure. Seeing how this was happening before 5.1 and it wasn't addressed at all.
Jamalia: Thank you very much for the reminder. Rogue doesn't come naturally to me so I completely forgot about sap. O.o :) I love the guild name too! :D

Soulbreeze: I'm using the pick pocket glyph, but it appears to be broken a bit, which is backed up by some questions on the forums. It doesn't give the full distance it says it's supposed to. They seem to notice me or at least detect me if I am not at the very, very, very, very edge of the range and sometimes they even do then.

Ysa: I have Crusader on one of the weapons as it is an heirloom, but nothing else.

Loveless: Forgive the stupid question, but subterfuge talent? I thought I looked through the MoP reduced talent tree to look for anything that increased stealth or decreased the stuff detecting me but couldn't find anything that said that.

Thank you guys and gals for responding!

Also, a link to my rogue's armory page, just in case.
level 15 tier, middle. Stealth breaks after 3 seconds of receiving hostile actions, rather than doing so immediately. Its the only way I avoid being aggroed on when pickpocketing. Mobs do what they're supposed to do...just stand there and not notice.
Thank you muchly Loveless. I'll go fix that for myself tomorrow!
Keep in mind that subterfuge is currently incredibly buggy and any buff or debuff gain or loss will proc it and break your stealth 3 seconds later.

Use it at your own risk.
Ah yeah, what Meabh said... but given current bugs and issues, its just kind of another day at the office for rogues, yes?

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