It's A Mystery daily quest bug; cannot finish

Bug Report
On my warrior, taking this quest turned on my alternate power bar. As I roamed around, it would fill or empty based on proximity to the quest objective. Once I reached 100% full, I got credit and was able to turn in the quest, no problems.

On my rogue, the alternate power bar appears, but never budges from 0%. I can go right to where the anomaly is, and nothing happens. Many others apparently have this issue, though it seems others do not, much like my two characters.

Anyone else, besides those I've seen, who would count merely as anecdotes, have this issue?
Seems to be completely random. Happened to me today, couldn't complete the quest the anomaly bar never went past 0/100.
Happened to me too. I had no orb at all, deleted the quest, logged and disabled all my addons, logged back in and got the quest fresh and it worked. So not sure if it was the quest itself that was bugged or one of my addons interfering but a pretty easy fix...
yes having the same problems

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