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They should make them boe, and required components for mage portals!

Seriously though, who made this item? This is so useless. The portals to town are a very short flight away.
I wouldn't mind a port to Niuzao Temple or Ports to SW usable anywhere that are random drops with rare seeds like terrible turnip! :-) Happy Hunting
Um, I'm bound in Vale so, these are pointless. I'm trying to think of a positive use for them but, honestly.. I cannot.
The only logical need and beneficial use I can see for these is to have a stock of them on a pvp server so you can hide in your farm instead of logging in at your factions shrine (which may or may not be getting invaded at whatever time you choose to log in).

That doesn't help if you'd like to portal to Dalaran or Shattrath though since there's no shards for those destinations. They'd be more interesting if you could get portals for more esoteric destinations like Caverns of Time, Area 52, Karazhan, etc.

They might be nicer and have more incentive to grow them if the farm becomes a rest area in 5.2 though.
The general consensus seems to be that these are effectively "useless".

1. They come in very limited supply: The seller isn't in Halfhill all the time.

2. The shard to be planted and the resulting portal are soulbound and untradable/unsellable.

3. They have a 100% chance of spawning a fight (voidstalker with no specials), making them even more annoying than planting crops - at least there's a chance of a non-violent action there.

4. The portal gained is random for the faction growing it. You can get any major city of your faction, whether you want it or not.

5. The shard can only be used at Halfhill.

6. Each shard has a limited shelf-life -- they will eventually despawn if unused -- time limit has yet to be nailed down accurately.

I see no reason to bother.

I tried one (will harvest it tonight) just to see what would happen, but some research has shown that the 'benefit' gaines vs. the expense and time is almost indistignuishable from zero.

If the one I've tried isn't of immediate use, I'll just dump it. And I won't be doing any more unless there's a major overhaul of their functionality.
my biggest quam with these becomes bag space considering you need one for each city. i could get bigger bags but eventually they only make up a certain sized bag and i would just fill those up with other more important things too.

i have only grown 1 and when i realized it was per city i just dumped it. has anyone gotten enough of 1 city to see if they stack or does it fill 2 bag spaces for say 2 darnassus shards?
Now if it would give a port to Isle of Thunder, that I would like.

I grew one on my mage before realizing how extremely pointless that was.

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